Weld County, Colorado, President Biden discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Movement to not move the county line but moved to ST Line the political committee. Weld County, Wyoming, wants to put the measure to a vote in November. It would instruct Weld County commissioners to officially engaged and explore the annexation of Weld County. With the state of Wyoming Legislature If Weld County joined Wyoming, the funny thing is the state's population Would more than double is over 320,000 people living in Weld County. Remember, a similar idea was proposed in 2013 under the failed 51st State Initiative, Chuck Clark a way news radio. If any of those secession is need help paying their rent, they may want to stay in Colorado for a little longer. They may even want to move to Denver. This city is getting $22 million in federal rental aid. 90% of the money is going to go to cover back rent, utilities and Home energy cost 10% supports and administrative costs and housing stability services. And if you live in Denver and need rental assistance, you can get more information by dialing 311, another national spike and covert 19 deaths. Nearly 4000 were just reported yesterday. But President Biden says he's confident the numbers will soon go down. We now have a national strategy to be coping knighted is comprehensive. It's based on science, not politics. It's based on truth, not denial. He says. That includes picking up the pace rapidly of vaccinations. In the past few weeks covered 19 cases, Hospitalizations and deaths in Colorado have been trending down. But state epidemiologist done to Rachel Hurdle, he says. It's still estimated that one in every 115 Coloradans is infectious with coronavirus, she says. It'll be a while before we see significant impact from the cove in 19 vaccines, we really don't see the full of fact or benefit of the vaccine for many months to come. And so during this time, all of the strategies that we have in place really continue to be important for months to come early, he says. The protocols we've been following, such as wearing masks and social distancing are working compliance is that 78%, and that's why covert numbers have been declining. Jury Bell Kaylie news radio The governor is applauding. You see help for vaccinating 1000 people, of course field over the weekend. They're doing another 10,000 this weekend, but with only 70,000 doses being sent to Colorado every week. The Gulf says he doesn't seem or vest mass vaccination sites coming online soon. We don't want to use all 70,000, of course, feel they need to be in Grand Junction and Pueblo in Colorado Springs and Lakewood and Fort Collins. And really, But, he says, if the state does got a larger supply of vaccine, Maura of these high volume drive up sites might be possible. President Biden plans to take more executive action today, focusing on climate change. Aides say Hill Band new oil and gas drilling on federal land, leaving the industry worried about job losses. The Senate is now in the jury. It's sworn in for the impeachment trial that will start the week after next. As much as we want to move to unity, I do think is well, we need to move for some level of accountability. Senator Mark Warner and the Democrats accused former President Trump of inciting the deadly attack on the U. S Capitol. They hate Donald J. Trump and and they're engaging in an act that I think is petty. I think it is retribution. I think it is a vindictive that is Republican Senator Ted Cruz. He says at least 17 Republicans who voted against the measure to make it dead on arrival. Some Democrats are demanding increased surveillance on Americans in the wake of the surge of the capital. But others fear security overreach when former Democratic lawmaker and one time presidential candidate warns of a growing police state inside the US John Brennan's Adam shifts and the oligarchs and Big Tak who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights. And turn our country into a police state with KGB style surveillance are also domestic enemies and much more powerful and therefore dangerous, and the mob that stormed the capital Tulsi Gabbert comments come days after the former CIA director John Brennan said the new by administration should focus on crushing what he called a pro trump insurgency. That is Fox is Lucas Tomlinson and Denver Day, Beth McCann is joining a push to end the federal death penalty. She's part of a bipartisan group of criminal justice leaders that sent a letter this week to the Biden administration. She says the death penalty is unnecessary to protect public safety and can also suffer from racial bias. 5 37 here in Colorado's morning news, the ABS getting a nice win last night of ball Arena will get more on that from BK and Sports and Money News of Pat's. And your Wednesday morning, Dr John Morrissey, some slick spots and issues already. Yeah,.

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