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We can figure out which genetic variations are associated with You were talking about these six genes for heart disease. Well, we figure out by just finding some genetic variations are more frequent in these people with heart disease, right and actually it's up past six. Now it's three hundred house Oh. Yeah. I'm three hundred for schizophrenia. We now understand that all of these traits height weight. Psychiatric Diseases Diabetes, they're all influenced by lots of genetic variation when people talk about the gene for something. Yeah. It's a real over-simplification what's really going on, but there's some process in your body and it can be tweaked in a lot of different ways. So when we find all these things, the next big question is, how do they fit together in some pathway? and. So once all that was once the genes were found, the next generation comes along and says, oh. Very good elders you found the jeans but you haven't told us how they fit together. Yeah and so they start doing things like we got to read out the genetic code of every cell type in the body not the DNA that's the same in every cell which genes are turned on and off like how the program is read out in every cell in your body. That's still ongoing. There's this international Human Cell Atlas. Put I think I can put it in Layman's terms. But yeah, there's this great curiosity that if I take my hair follicle, my whole DNA exists within this hair follicle yet clearly, the hair follicle is much different than my femur than my than my ear that I eyeball. So why does my hair the shape in consistency? It is in my toenail is what it is yet they're working off the exact same ingredient list house, the body know how to make a nail versus a femur versus hair and you same question about your laptop. Your Laptop has the same program when you booted up but you could be watching a movie running a spreadsheet you could be. Doing some drawing, you could be buying something on Ebay. Yeah. All those things happen despite the same code sitting on your laptop, and that's because laptop can run different programs. Yeah. So can the cells in your body when that's a hair follicle or a bone seller blood cell they're running different programs. So right now people are just trying to find out what all the patterns of stuff that's turned on and off every cell in your body because even though it same code, it runs different programs at different times in is it too generic to think?.

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