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Slash mini gun exchange outlets with branches in coochie, tan, tan, an and Ben lock with others soon to be opening in long been being long and via n. We tenant J G weird herald black is still looking for his mysteriously, vanishing and sixty bolts latest debt for basketball. Casualty was Lieutenant j g buckets coffee named after his golden touch on the court who got four stitches in his head after going for a rebound who will it be an April three additions arrived this past month, Lieutenant Tom Ribaud, LA and Lieutenant j g Denny rally, which is you sir are new in country and Lieutenant j g Bill belts was shafted shifted from debt eight oh, well with TV booze and all the attractions of the big city. What more could you want? As one of our departed pilots used to say going home is for sissies. So these are all by their their fantastic read. I I read that too. My buddy, Dave Burke, or I sent I sent him a copy of it. And he said, that's the best rep I've ever read in my life. So you guys had you know, it's it it's good because you know, I always talk, and and every vet that comes on her kinda talk about how we have fun, and that shows that and I guess getting mooned through your side window also shows that you guys were having fun. I don't know if the hot brass is fun. But you guys were having a great time, and you guys were making it fun. And at the same time man, it was very intense and very dangerous one of the things that you know, you you kind of threw it out there. You said, hey, we we put these debts all over the place. So we could have a quick response time. And what that meant was you guys were spread out in these debts. So that you could get two guys on the ground within a matter of minutes. Tell me about that op tempo. And what it was like when when they scrambled the wolf's. Well, we had two full crews for each one of our two birds. And what that meant was you were twelve hours on twelve hours off three sixty five twenty four whatever in order to support the the Brown. Water navy when they got in the ship. They they needed us right away. And we could literally get off the deck in about three minutes, and that put us out there quickly enough that we could probably get them out of trouble. The the worst thing that could could happen to them in my estimation. Other than losing someone is is losing their engine because then they were just up there with the they were a grape. No, no place to go. So all they could do is just absorb the the incoming. And with that in mind, what we would do is go on out and and try and I get get their heads down. And then to start working the target. We had a very close relationship with the the PB or sailors very close those guys were sticking their necks out every day. And the times they got in trouble. We were happy to go. And and try and extricate them on no matter, no matter what. But one of the great quotes that I saw in the in the history that I was reviewing is the first contact that h c one made the they the two boats had gone out on patrol and had stumbled across a battalion size element with about eighty sampans and junks that we're trying to cross a river and the boats came under obviously intense fire when the sea. Seawalls got there. A couple of minutes. After this the the incoming fire team lead contacts the chief of the boat and says where do you want us to put in our strike?.

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