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Our region. If you're wondering why Hawke and I had that extended conversation about that. Maybe you've turned on the news. In the past two weeks. You've seen that the West Coast is on fire. I wish that was hyperbole. But really, it's not right now. There are over 50 fires burning from San Diego to Seattle. And obviously it's terrifying. It's putting people in immediate danger. People are losing their homes and Mohr It's also doing some long term damage because of the terrible air quality that many of us on the left coast are experiencing right now. Don't be a hypocrite, and I really want to go out and get a run in or a hike in the man. The air is terrible, and I don't mean that normal Los Angeles smog basin that we're talking about. I'm talking about some of the worst air quality ever like you look outside. And you see a grey sky, You see? Ah, blood. Orin son. It looks like a star Wars moon. You know it's bad. Or you go online. And thanks to the few eye technology, you could just see how bad it is, is short for air quality index. It lets you know how bad an unhealthy and how toxic the air is that he'd given moment. In any given place. I'm going somewhere with this fall me. Is an example. An index number between zero and 50 is good 51 to 100 is moderate 101 toe 1 50 is unhealthy for sensitive groups. 1 51 to 200 is unhealthy for everybody. 201 2 300 is extremely unhealthy. Right now, is that look where I live the eyes 1 66, so that's considered unhealthy for everybody. No joke. I check this thing every single day because again it impacts whether or not I'm taking my workout inside or outside, huge part of why the wise important Is when people like me go outside or anybody like where I live. There are a lot of people working out every single day, especially during the pandemic. But what's happening is You're sucking in air during your workout when the air is drenched in smoke. I've done a little research on this or nearly wouldn't know this, but you're not just breathing in smoke, you're breathing in dirt would Paint solvents rubber Insulation and gases. All of that, And if you're working out really hard outside, you're sucking in a whole lot of that. No boy, no It's not about me. Here's what I'm going with this. It's about the Mariners and the Athletics. Playing yesterday in Seattle. Remember those numbers? I ran down the eye yesterday was 2 34. And I double back to that shard. Why don't we see what 2 34 means? 0 to 50 Good 1 66 Ryan is unhealthy for everybody. Oh, here we go, 2 34. 2 34. Extremely unhealthy for everybody. What the hell to 34. Let's play baseball. Know how screw it to 34. Let's play two Put me in coach, I'm ready to play that song. Which they did. Yeah, I don't think Ernie banks was saying, Let's play to within a 5 to 34. But they did. Yesterday's doubleheader was a.

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