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In europe in spain socialist leader pedro sanchez will become the country's next prime minister after a no confidence vote today in parliament unseated the conservative government sanchez will be sworn in by the king as early as tomorrow and put in a cabinet in the coming days serious president wants the us to get out of this country wanting to take back territory where americans have been deployed either through negotiations or by force this after the us fire and a lot of airstrikes last month us military says it tripled the number of air strikes against isis in may mostly in syria as kurdish fighters wet diverted to battle nato ally turkey in northwest syria earlier this year returned to the isis fight in eastern syria last month usbacked syrian democratic forces launched operation roundup backed by american jets from the aircraft carrier harry truman in the eastern mediterranean to read eastern syria the last two pockets of isis held territory the terrorist army has lost ninety eight percent of the territory at once held at its height in twenty fourteen at the pentagon lucas tomlinson fox news this may help avert a possible strike in las vegas there's a tentative agreement this morning with the culinary workers union which covers about a quarter of the fifty thousand hotel and casino workers who have authorized a walkout as soon as today in a contract dispute the nba finals started with a lot of drama smith hill go to older cleveland missed what could have been a better chance to take a game winning.

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