Hillary Clinton, Climate Change, Fogel discussed on Rush Limbaugh


At the reaction to trump pulling out of the paris accords and the reaction hillary clinton it's striking to me i've been trying to figure out how to actually express this if is it's worrisome obviously but it is striking to me the intense ignorance bordering on stupidity that seems to have become means streamed on the american left the ease with which young people have been radicalised with anti american drivel and the way they have sole eagerly embraced it and glommed on do it they can't think they have not been taught the critically think they have simply been indoctrinated and i think the people who've done it college professors comedians pop culture people i don't think and will never ever really know but i don't believe that they ever really fought that their indoctrination would lead to this degree of insanity and wacko ism stupidity and ignorance i think they thought they were creating armies of voters for democrats but i don't think that they were intending to create an uncontrollable army of absolute idiots i could be wrong maybe the behavior by these wacko young people on the left is exactly what has been intended i wouldn't be surprised if that were the case that i think it's it's even for the people who guy propagandizes all this and indoctrinated it may be out of hand because i don't think it it's it's now beyond controllers no way to reach these people they're just out on a limb this this climate change the fogel listening what people said about us pulling out it's not just young radicals it's american ceos are seeing some of the stupidest things that they really mean like well this has the end of humanity well don donald trump was just on the duff more of a plan that they think serious these people actually mean this stuff they running around actually bull leaving this stuff when there is no evidence whatsoever there isn't any manmade climate change is not even arguable and yet it's become religious which means you can't argue with them it's their faith but he is absent any common sense in the thing that really is ironic is they think that everything they believe is rooted in science they bastardize science they destroy science they politico politicized and corrupted science whatever it is they believe it isn't science but they think.

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