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It I think it had like a weird. No glasses three d effect. And it was pre-. Alias say voice assistant. It was just all kinds of bad and Amazon seem to be very very bullish about it. And because of the way that Amazon is set up like they could Mark it all over the place, and everyone is just kind of like, no, we don't really want this thing. So can you just be quiet about it? And they wouldn't let it die for too long. And then finally went away, and I think people were better off for it. And I can remember everybody just sort of dogging on the Amazon fire phone. So that's that's my favorite disaster. So to speak. Jeremy, what's yours? So I'm still harboring resentment about my family's. I MAC that we bought his child. It was a Performa sixty two hundred which. Subtle looked like the MAC Elsie. It was one of those pizza box on. So you put the monitor on top of the tower. I guess the towel sideways, and we didn't know what the time because we didn't have the internet. But apparently, it was sort of notorious it was a one of a problem model. Maybe like the keyboards today. This one was known to just be a dud that would always crash, and it spent most of its life out of wasn't an apple store. I guess a MAC repair shop at the time. It pretty much taught me everything I know about troubleshooting today because as a twelve year old kid, you'd get the MAC back from the shopping awake later, it would break and native disable extensions and delete preference files and all the things. So I don't know if this happened to apple today, it would be a scandal. But at the time they had thousands of max it same to nail will kind of bases..

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