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That won't productivity even is and what it means and why whistle obsessed with constantly doing things and yet it made me realize the things i do just so i can feel like i'm doing something because i'm just distracting myself and i think what you say about work and careers is just oh amazing. So has that changed for you. Because you know you're a prolific writer. Work at home. You probably have your own hours. I don't know if you have a job job. Do you have a job. Well i have a few different things. i do. Keep me busy. But i think 'cause i create my own schedule i can basically work forever and feel like i'm enjoying it but i think it was when rowen was saying that she felt good at being productive and shot this warm feeling in her belly. And you were explaining the difference between the oxytocin and the what's the other one. I don't know what i probably dopamine serotonin dopamine that was it and it was like doing it from a place of love and kind of being. Relaxed is much better than doing it from like a really rushed place and i think that's wiping working on is i can still do my books and still make this podcast by. Don't have to do it from a place of taking off a list. I can be in the in the moment more. Yeah it's whether you're doing it out of mania for external reward or whether you're doing a love for the thrill of doing and i really hope that has so many people have stayed home from jobs. I mean god. Bless our frontline workers who are Delivering the mail. Running grocery stores may all be given everything they wish but for those who've been kept home for that were basically meaningless. We have to go back like is this not the greatest opportunity to start doing things out of love. One thing i've noticed is how little my family seems to need since lockdown started and because my son has a weak heart and he's very susceptible. We've been unbelievably careful. Like without mad. I might be more lax but we've been very quarantine and you don't need a lot no. I haven't bought any new clothes full months. And i used to buy a of clothes and i don't need any more. I know iphone literally naked right now. But i could be. You could be back to nate. Shed audaciously..

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