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Remix to ever had? Nobody show me all the things that you like they should just come together. Make like for the holidays when their family a solemn to her performance, piano. Now, the baby mamas can do. And they could just harm. Together. Never had nobody. Also, speaking of future taymor. Braxton's dating Negga that look similar apparently. So what she eleven hours ago posted on Instagram? Let me refer. Just make sure I got the time. Fifteen hours ago, she posted on her Instagram said, I wasn't gonna tell nobody. But I laugh emojis and here it is her poolside with an old God or groove back ass. Dreadlocks nigga looks like he appreciates the gym and snacks. Which is you know. Right. Right. And here she is commenting. Oh, yeah. Because you can kind of see as polka through. But then also like burgers there. I mean relatable. I mean. Much. It was like I can tell you cores early. Strong stability you Reiger. Commence? The Bill comes in a different way to do. Two hundred meters. Get your birth. Well, all right. Keep going. Oh, okay. All right. Cool Russia compared into Jesus as he came out of the water. She. Oh, no, girl. She's having a great time. Someone said something in her comments to the effect of like, this is what happens when you go from fat fit and she quickly asked that they kindly leave her shops, father alone that it didn't work out. But that they don't need to throw shade his way that lets me know. I mean this her child's Addy, I guess I mean if he really hands on her bed Nikko, right? His and his body chained hunger. Fuck by but. She's clearly enjoying whatever. Migos? Whatever the snigger is doing with her. Fine. But you know, he's probably incredibly good sex taymor is having a time, and that's what Matt happy with or without a wig. So and posting means I'm going to stand outside. So if anyone asks I'm out Stander. That was just like last week. You're on TV, you're in what's out. Oh, no. For real though, the group chat goofy s me. You know this girl. Nobody was talking about you these a picture of a bible in some doves. And in the background of one of our top. This. Well, I mean good for her off for, you know, getting them cobwebs knocked out by somebody off me fuck to. Yes. Oh, yes. I don't know why the rest of us had to see this. But I guess it's just not taymor. If she's not, you know, living her life for the world. I mean in the grand scheme of negative sharing their makers, this is my me, and this is incredibly tame and lease geneka big Sean of stop talking about how much they look fucking in coming on top of each other. They used to be so girls we've still got him on Yana though. And I want they show to come back frequently talk about each other's Jesus. I believe you know, and I believe they have incredible sex their sex. God man is probably. I just imagine that they see secrets to the world that. They have to keep to themselves. You know, this is the secret girl, nobody know about this. But I see to their third ours. Why the phone to the next mention guy here? That's why she's so smart and funny 'cause she knows shit Vineland created. That's right. You just got the regional reach a history. I get it. I get it. Shout out to them. Speaking of fine, motherfuckers. Idris elba. It Reese is people's sexiest man alive for two thousand eighteen to them so long. But here, I am touching and agreeing. Yeah. Same. Embarked? Oh. I mean, we know that it yourself this fine everybody. I mean, everybody knows that and has known him for a real long time. Very very very long time. What took so long for this to happen? He's fine. Even on the cover the amazing rise of the sweet smoldering superstar. He's got an arts. Yeah. See how he gets? You. Also speaks Jamaican pots very well..

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