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I going? To say no social media. Right now man Drake is killing at once again with that we dated and it is what I'm gonna do. Say no so it's one of those things where somebody kind of ask you a question, is like what are we going? To do, say, no You know what I'm saying. Like when you go somewhere and say you know we put a large Brian every because, we're at a smaller boxes you? That okay I don't want, to say. No Can I speak to him Did you call me back, when you don't boxes again let's go ahead and bring. Some people into the neighborhood Let's let's bring Albert internet, enabled us he was going down with Albert Albert halo Right now but. How do you answer that question what is Man No Okay Hold. On hold. On You gotta start from the beginning our because. Your phone went dead? Are you. Go ahead Oh all. Right so so, take work twelve hours ten hours. A day sometimes and I get home my baby mama give it. Like change his diaper Boy say no not at all Oh man and especially she'd been at home with the little one and we understand you work twelve hours? Slaving you know what I'm saying but when you, get home and, the green says change that diaper what, am I gonna. Do say no not at? All you know what I'm saying Denzel Washington state, after thirty five years of marriage. He just do what he's told you know what I'm saying, is all right Going, down to see is the Bella. Bring Isabel and to the neighborhood Isabella halo Is the now how do you answer that okay well it's my birthday Now is it your. Actual birthday today now it's? My. Actual, birthday my birthday Oh happy. Birthday. Birthday to you Alrighty go here? My, love talking to you. Guys today Talk. To you. What are we gonna do say no Yeah.

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