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And it's got a lot of attention it's one of those things you're right and you don't really think a whole lot of people are going to pay attention to it but tens and tens of thousands of people have have read it and a lot of people have commented on it and it's been it's got a lot of attention in this post that i wrote is called stormy daniels and ted kennedy and i referred back to my earlier post and i said you know frankly i don't think anyone cares much about stormy daniels but i said the story's interesting because it raises questions about what in our era as degraded as it is about what actually constitutes a scandal and in my view trump's long ago rops with ms daniels assuming that those stories are true don't qualify as a scandal now malania might not be happy about it she's the one person who who's got a right to really be concerned and she probably is although what her reaction is and so forth is something that we don't know and frankly is none of our business but what would i wrote in this post is that worst case trump may have paid stormy daniels but he didn't kill her and that distinguishes him from ted kennedy the renowned liberal lion of the senate if you wanna talk about a scandal and what's really a scandal and a cover up of a real scandal a lot of fake scandal the place where you want to start really as chappaquiddick in that instance just goes back to the nineteen seventies but in that instance the democratic party conspired to cover up a crime by ted kennedy was manslaughter and it was frankly a particularly vile form of manslaughter and the democratic party covered up that crime to preserve a ted kennedy's political viability at the cost of the life of an innocent young woman i think that to this day even though several decades have passed most people have no idea what the chappaquiddick scandal was really all about it why is that.

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