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Impeachment drafted pass by the committee but the investigation of the president's actions and its administration including these Ukraine issues is actually ongoingly of news tonight. On how new evidence is just hit into the judiciary committee record. We'll explain today. The Judiciary Committee formerly recommended impeaching Donald Trump for abusive power and obstruction of Congo's but the investigation into the freezing of that military aid. Ukraine continues in the investigating committees as well as in. This is interesting in the courts tonight. We have an update on some evidence entered into the record last night the center for a public integrity sued in federal court for documents related to the Ukraine scandal. And this is what they've got. Aw they won in court but what they got were heavily redacted documents. Why because the president doesn't want these documents to to see the light of day? I ask for unanimous consent chairman to enter these directions for the record and now we're joined by Dave Leventhal editor at large for the Senate Republican tax. which did sue the administration as mentioned? What did you get? What more do you need? We didn't get much in the sense that as you saw right there from the clip that the documents that we did about one hundred and forty-six pages worth of them were heavily redacted and many of the conversations that were happening between members of the the Department of Defense and the White House Office of Management and budget conversations. That could have been tantamount of some very interesting stuff directly related to the Ukraine situation. And we just don't have access to. We went back to court. Today filed a motion to effectively. Tell the judge. Hey look we gotta keep working on this and come Tuesday. We're going to have another bite at the apple. Are the Democrats also using their congressional subpoenas to try to get the same stuff. Yeah indeed in fact I had the these documents been released without the reductions. We may have had more information information than even congressional investigators have had an and then speaks to let me get you one of the point here because folks may have heard the White House finally put out an alternative out of explanation to why the money was frozen and said it wasn't to get the Biden's it was for legitimate foreign policy. Yada Yada it would seem that if these reductions were removed ooh the underlying material. If it's valid could show whether that's an after the fact sort of lie or whether if it were true there was contemporaneous letters like I supported it from the time I mean. Is that part of your argument well. Donald Trump earlier this year. Ra said that He is the most transparent president in the history of the United States. It seems like this would be an opportune time for him. If in fact that is the case and that is true for him to compel his own administration to release this this information that would shine a great deal of light and provide a great deal of transparency into an issue. That's at the heart of the impeachment inquiry and the ultimate impeachment. That's is going to happen next week of the president. He hasn't done that at this point. And we're going to continue to fight in court in order for the public to have the right to know what this information in in fact entails Dave thank you so much for joining six months ago before Donald Trump even called the president of Ukraine to ask for.

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