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Anthony Fauci spoke with Senator Doug Jones about it a Democrat from Alabama. So if you say it doesn't matter whether you put it on or take it off, you're giving a wrong mixed signal. The signal should be where a mask period douchey, urging lawmakers and local leaders to to put mask mandates in place and send a clear message that wearing one of these face coverings will help stop the spread. The president, though, says he doesn't agree with Valachi who has said the virus situation is quote. Really not good. Well, I think we are in a good place. I disagree with him, You know, doctor found, she said. Don't wear a mask. So now he says, we're men. You said numerous things sort of didn't listen to my experts, Mr Trump talking with great television about this, the president going on to say he saved the US from a number of death by going against Fauci's wishes and putting a travel ban on China and Europe. The president did acknowledge the spike in hospitalizations through the sun belt, but said other states are doing very well when it comes to covert 19. At 10 18. There's concerning new research out today on potentially deadly brain disorders in people with mild cases of the Corona virus. CBS's Vicki Barker has details. It's a life threatening brain condition called acute, disseminated encephalomyelitis before the pandemic doctors at one London hospital, We're seeing one case a month there now, seeing two or three a week, the patients were almost all suffering mild cases of coded 19. In some cases, the brain disorder was the first or only symptoms. The researchers want medical professionals around the world. To be alert to this latest, potentially fatal complication in supposedly mild cases of covert. 19 Vicki Barker, CBS News London and more local athletes or testing positive for covert 19. Over at Fenway Park General manager Ron Roenicke e announcing yesterday ace Eduardo Rodriguez has the virus and with infielder Bobby Dahlbeck, Mass live today reporting a U mass football player has come down with covert 19. We don't have the player's name, but officials tell the paper he's in quarantine along with other teammates who've tested negative so far. And in other health news, some good news out of South Asia. According to the World Health Organization, the Maldives and Sri Lanka have both eliminated rubella and measles ahead of a 2023 target. The U. N Health agency says this success is encouraging on demonstrates the importance of joint efforts in combating diseases as the world grapples with covert 19 a country is considered. To have eliminated measles and rubella when there's no evidence ofthe endemic transmission for more than three years, and there's a well performing surveillance system W wait show has praised the efforts of countries in the region to continue vaccinating Children while battling the Corona virus pandemic. Also, Bhutan, East Timor and North Korea have succeeded in eliminating missiles. I'm Charles, 10.

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