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Brand Spence Bridge. So does eastbound 74 approaching the state line and eastbound to 75 brake lights in the left lane Approaching 4 71 checking from NewsRadio 700 wlw. Gets forecast and clouds for the morning. It's not gonna rain will, probably afternoon and then we'll be at first intermittent and then later on some storms up to 76 later on tonight, Scattered rain, maybe a few more storms. 62 is the overnight low and then showers. Scattered storms were good chunk of tomorrow with maybe some minor flooding. 72 Thursdays Hyatt is 66 degrees at 700 wlw 700 wlw Sports SEC What the world's going on. How about them? Reds? How about Pembridge? Mikey come from behind to beat the Dodgers last night, making a two in a row in L. A 65. Jesse Winker homers on the first pitch of the game delivered by Walker Bueller. But then the L. A went up 5 to 2 in the sixth. That's when the red started coming back. I'll farmer with a big R B I single in the seventh, then Joey Votto cap things off of the two run double and the Reds go on to the wind. Big hit, snapping over 15 slump. For the Reds first basement. Do we know the last time the Reds swept the Dodgers game? Syriza's May 15th through the 18th 2018 24 game sweep there. I like to the Reds made to stay in l a of Thursday and to say, Let's go again spank him around first time it's 605 days of Dodgers have lost three in a row. Wow, That's pretty good..

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