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Car being from a buddy at work who wanted to get rid of it. So he did not buy it at a garage sale and again, it has become an heirloom. You're right. You're right about that severe storms moving through the Metro. Right now We're getting reports of some pretty high winds and some hail, So let's get into that with the forewarned Storm team and Mike Morgan. This report is sponsored by slim chickens. Thorgan westbound to 40 Maize South found 35 Southeast 29th injury Action Northwest 1 69 depends out 25th Shields, one 64th of May reported question. Southwest one 34th eastern MacArthur, Southwest 30 MacArthur 4100. Will Rogers partway heavy rain now and much of the city. Folk slowdown pay attention broking total traffic. Slim chickens is more than just delicious chicken. Now they have the perfect summer treat new hand spun milkshakes available in four flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, Oriole strawberry and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. 40 years online or to the slim chickens app and pick up curbside, slim chickens, fresh, delicious chicken. Ma'am are getting Mike Morgan's forecast from the full warned storm team. Several storms with Hale and strong winds moving through and continuing up until about 11 o'clock tonight. We're getting reports of hail and Bethany Just to the east of the Metro. Also in the tunnel area, pea size two golf ball sized hail in those areas and we'll keep it monitored and let you know as it moves through the area. This is going to continue with our low tonight Ultimately, 69 cloudy tomorrow an 80% chance of rain and high of 80 for 69 tomorrow night and into Wednesday a 30% chance of rain. With a high of 80 to 20% chance of rain into the rest of the week. It is 88 news radio 1000 Katie. Okay, this report is sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With the onset of the Koven 19 pandemic, You might be tempted to leave your child in the car alone to avoid exposure. But if left in a hot car, this could result in death in a matter of minutes. Always look before you lock a message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. My heart.

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