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So if you're a fan and you were at that show I mean that's probably one of the things that you remember the most is that even if you don't remember what was going on in that match you remember. This guy was in there for damn near an hour so every time that I'm back at the Melrose ballroom in New York in Queens. I seem I feel like I'm at home. I get a really good reaction from on the crowd So this is one of my favorite places I do. Enjoy the atmosphere of kind of like the smaller. Venue the nightclub tale venue where you have a balcony and there's people out there it's just a different atmosphere than the large open spaces that you get like convention centers and stuff like ban. I prefer the more intimate setting. In the Melrose Boreham is very similar to the event in Orlando that Mel W is at the guild nightclub. It's very similar. Look like everything else so you probably feel at home there. Well I mentioned the melrose ballroom for reason. Not the Orlando Guilt. I the crowd here. I think is a little more with with the action. That's going on in the Roswell as I think the product the EMEL W fans of a certain you know it's it's it's a a wrestling based company that they have their own fan base. I mean from www impact. We are all the same. But what's going can attract fans watch something different it's the athletes and the basic management style. I feel MSW does have a more of an athletic almost like a new Japan. Japanese Japanese style base or a mixture of And those fans are really really into that style. And it's it's showing by the success of Emo w yeah absolutely and you mentioned the style and that seems to be a style that is really not just with them. L. W. but also all all over the world of pro wrestling. Do you see that growing more and more do you. Do you feel. There is a good connection between the two. Yeah obviously like Russell goes to do these. Large Epson Ebbs and flows and you have Different styles come up throughout the years. Obviously there's been like since the nineties. More of a Lucia Lebron Salman talking about new Japan. Or you know a strong style. I guess some people would say a harder hitting style But now kind of the best guys from each style have been locked up you know. They've been They've been around for a while people seeing what they can do. And they've kind of infiltrated did the the larger I guess wrestling you know like the wrestling world. You know. There's there's more there's more japanese-style wrestling there's more wrestling with acrobatic high spots And now is the time for another style of wrestling to kind of emerge. I think it is this More realistic I guess you could say or more martial arts based style Talk about animal w kind of being a representative that here will as you're talking about that. I'm thinking about this show. That's happening tomorrow night. And it's like Davey Boy Smith Junior is on the show right Timothy Thatcher Shinjiro Otani You know those are all guys who are known as wrestlers like professional wrestlers through and through and then you throw in Richard Holiday M J F Hammer Stone in this tournament as well so you get a good mix of everything But the guys that you much like I mentioned Angelique David Boy Smith Junior. We're talking about the style they boy Smith Junior Timothy Thatcher Myself Simon Simon Grimm's Ivan God ship Douglas this James King Mo dominant Greenie. These are all guys now under the mold of you banner who have a fighting back around. And I haven't even mentioned low key yet. Yeah you know so. There's a ton of guys who while they may not all be specifically like a Jujitsu player or enemy guys. They are all martial artists in a way and I think that is going to be the next wave. And then you have like a man's Warner and Jimmy Havoc that those guys that you know bring in you know staple guns and everything thing else of man's can throw down. I was hoping we'd get. Manson studio is going to bring in a case of Bud Light. I think would appreciate that. He's probably like fifteen skin. Deep all started bears debut brother and who would have thought that in the age of a throwback. Because there's a lot of wrestlers that I've never been in a real fight and there's a lot of wrestlers out. They're not you know saying anyone is in tough but to me you need to be at least one real fight to understand psychology Or like you. If you go down in Dallas you may get jumped then you have to be able to defend yourself and I like the fact that. MSW Does have some tough guys and that's important for wrestling and gives you credibility when you're already credible Mike. What you're hearing catch busted open in live Monday through Saturday from nine? AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius XM APP as we speak Rj city as advertised is joining us. Here on busted open dreamer. How are you? uh-huh very go over there. The chair the microphone. Speaking of men who've been in tough brawls in real life fights dates and then here comes one. Rj City. Yeah I have no need to fight because I use my words because I read all my God. He's has got to Rene Goulet by the way. Tommy yes you failed in the t shirt competition today. Rj City has a a Rene Goulet shirt on I have why who I broke Wa. whose leg t shirt on our from our good friend Greg? The Hammer Valentine who we still have the live. Microphone own of Greg. The Hammer Valentine we have the live remote. Greg are you there. Drake Hammer Valentine. It's still there And then and you have brock listener. I already explained because I'm in corporate world. I did not wear my Akeem. The African dream shirt today so I just quickly quickly grabbed this one. Thank you nor is that good luck in non corporate world during wrestling fan conventions all that stuff. They should be here. Can I point out. What nuggets listening? He's listening right now. He's the one who who gifted me this shirt Doug Yeah. TORONTO T-SHIRT DOT Toronto Toronto. Aw that's the proper way. Yeah Yeah I don't say it right because I'm not Canadian. How don't use me all right? Yeah I WANNA talk. What are you doing here? I'm hanging out. I understand emily and then I went. I'm doing all these weird podcast. And then this W M I. I listen around Tom Lawlor. No please I'll take on sort of Algonquin roundtable as you. Now now. I've been under a long term contract with the W. Yes so I have turned out. It's been a twenty five year deal. It's a whole Stanley. Blackburn was or at the sign. Yeah ooh cold training in there. Oh my can I just also point out while we talk about Greg Valentine. His hair is too gorgeous or just for him. Yeah eating from behind my Kinda Gal Greg Valentine what do you think of. Rj City the. Fix your very funny. Yes Don Callous says that Chris Jericho is slowly. Morphing into Greg. Valentine and when I watched now I've starting because Dodd cal says it every single week. Yes that Jericho like ID shape. Jericho is Greg Val title. Who's Greg Bell Towers? Yes was. He's the Hammer. It was a different shape at the time but he was in that shape. Yes but now it's Jericho's kneepads come off and then you know we're in True Hammer territory. Why are you in town? I came to see my family minute thing. Why did you not hit me up and say you were in town? I miss is it. Good literally share a phone line on the show and randomly. DM You the weirdest. Um You tax demand was a picture of Jim backus with a puppet. Yeah Yeah and then you responded one back to me with Jim in you said he wanted story worry about us. Jim backus kind of sound like he was almost going to cheat on his wife with Marilyn Monroe correct Marilyn Monroe called him into her dressing room. And he's like ooh let's do this and she said. Can you please please do the Mr Magoo voice for me. So you're talking about the Jim backus from Mary Jo fame other Jim back is most people look Gilligan's island I choose to say I marry Joan to me is the better. I'm happy we're bringing out these hot button issues on this program. That's what we're here for. You not doing comedy you're doing where are you staying. I'm staying at my grandmother's Garden City. I came into say see her and then I was like hey I'm going to be it's only for a few days and then it turned into this and then I'm doing I was out Last evening with some theater people talking about some hot things and of course yes uncles of mine. And of course a lot of people don't know this but me and Tommy I met we were doing a table. Read of the revival of Damn Damn Yankees. Yes absolutely unfortunately he didn't get and don't listen to what the critics say. I thought you were great. Thank you I appreciate and a lot of people. Don't know how Tommy Dreamer even got the name Dreamer because he actually big fan of Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. That's where it so. I love the Seinfeld Seinfeld episode. Where the with Joseph Technical dreamcoat technical technicolor technicolor? dreamcoat like the technical one. Not a big fan of Seinfeld Seinfeld so I didn't catch that episode argue. What year were you born fifty? Yes we worked out culturally. I'm like sixty two. What is your infatuation relation with this older culture? And do you like do you look at a grandma. God I gotta hit that. I've I've been trying to update older. They're women because I need someone who can hang in the conversation or like a betty white type. No because Betty White scumbag. Oh interesting yeah. That's right I said it and I don't I don't know if you WANNA get into it here. I don't know if it's for this show because I showed you heard naked pitcher from playboy. I have my cell phone now. Be Arthur who is very very much you know my guiding light more hated betty white really what they had Tangshan I. There's a lot of girls he yeah. I felt like she was the top guy. Maude oh I've felt like she was a top guy. Yeah a lot of top guy. Heat their top woman. Yeah I guess I gotTA start being more politically correct. I say top guy just the top like I would call becky lynch atop guy well. She's the man works. Yeah that works out. Well so is your favorite. all-time time actor actor will actor and since its all time than actress. Then I'll say singer about that. Okay I like Victor Victor Bono. He's on my head right now and just whatever picking out of thin air because he just fun fun roles you don't know it's no good. How many people have tuned out is? The has the demographics demographics. Now now. Now we're GonNa get whatever something and then my favorite actress. I like Madeline Kahn. I think it's a good solid. Pick a Bette Davis of course and singer. I'm going through a deep Bobby Darin phase interesting Bobby Darin. Yeah here. That often madeline. Kahn was in some Great Mel Brooks. Well she she was probably in the greatest comedy ever blazing saddles. Yeah she was also great in young Frankenstein so young. I thought she was better. She's great in and it's it's not a great movie history of the world less great in it she. She is battling a great combination of sexy. And and if that's such a thing I like it sounds like someone I met a lot of women. I Know David my dear friend friend David Arquette. Yes Jean Part. Yeah and in many ways has been trying to set me up with older women and we're trying to trying to get a hold of Charro Nice..

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