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Hi. Hi, amy. How are you guys? We're good. How are you? So when I was younger in high school, my friends, and I would drive around around the holidays, and we used to steal baby Jesus is outside his lawn. And then we go down to shield w houses down, and we'd leave a baby Jesus on somebody else's front doorstep. And ring the bell and run away. Did you want them to think that their neighbor had stolen their Jesus? No. We just we weren't even really thinking about it. We were just think it'd be funny for somebody to open their door and find a baby Jesus on their front steps. You weren't an overly scared Catholic or anything because then they would think that there was going to be a special place in hell for stealing baby. Jesus. And I'm not scalding you. I'm not saying I'm that guy. I'm just saying there are some people even though it was just something plastic, and maybe even has a light bulb in it. But some people would would would find that. Sacred messing with baby diapers. Did you ever get high school kid? We didn't really think about it that way. Did you ever get caught? No, we didn't. When did you stop was this just one year? Did you do this every Christmas? No, he doesn't a one year other year we used to rearrange people's like deer up here. They'd had our the reindeer. Let me guess you made it look like they were mating, right? Yes. Yes. How did I know because that's. Resistible the pranksters. I knew it. All right. Amy. Thanks for calling New Jersey one. Oh, one point five who's got a story about somebody that stole something rather strange. And it's a and by the way, it does not have to be Christmas stuff. That's not what we're saying. We're saying anything whatsoever. One eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years fest. Traffic.

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