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This week, of course, included the Amy Cockney Barrett confirmation hearings being held by the Senate Judiciary Committee before being turned over to a full of lot's full vote on the Senate floor. Hopefully soon and it was interesting to say the least. There were a few noteworthy soundbites. Although on the whole it was far less drama filled the Libert Cavanaugh hearing's still some interesting stuff. You're listening to Saturday night on the circle, and I'm your humble host Ethan Hatcher, Dr. Root stepping out once again this week, and we wish him well visiting family. But of course, we have lots of things to cover, and I wanted to start with Senator Maisy Hirono sound bite from Hawaii. Of course, she asked a question pertaining to the issue that came up during Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings being thie idea of sexual assault, citing a statement from Chief Justice Roberts and NT 17 during which she acknowledged that the judiciary is not immune from the problem of sexual misconduct. Kurono took it upon herself stated that it was her duty to ensure the fitness of nominees who have lifetime appointments. And this is what she said to ensure the fitness of nominees for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench or to any of the other. Positions for any of the committees in which they appear. I asked each nominee these two questions and I will ask them of you since you became a legal adult. Have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors? Or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature? No Senator who? Oh, no entered into a settlement. Related to this kind of conduct. Now, Senator you used the term sexual preference. Okay? Yeah, And you could hear that there. Senator made Verona was beginning to berate me Cockney Barrett for her use of the term sexual preference to describe homosexual acts of homosexuality or other sexual orientations. And she said that that was in front of the LGBT community when in fact, Ruth Bader Ginsberg had used the same term to describe the same thing. It's not hateful. It's not bigoted. And, of course, the idea that she was asking Amy Conan Barrett if she never sexually assaulted someone. Holy ridiculous. Had she had she been found guilty of such a thing. It would be a matter of public record. So I can't imagine why the senator, which you would elect, to use your very valuable time questioning a Supreme Court nominee with that kind of nonsense, But whatever I mean, I think it was very indicative. Of a lack of preparation on the part of the Democrats. They didn't seem to be able to lean into anything in particulary, and one of the most important aspects of a confirmation hearing is the idea that you are coming to understand the nominees judicial thought process, not what they're going to be ruling on specific judicial issues. Were they going to come up to the Supreme Court? But largely, that's the direction that the senator's questions took. Of course, she also faced drilling on the issue of the Second Amendment. From Senator Dick Durbin and I found that interaction amusing because Indiana gotta shout out using an old tired trope of liberals blaming us for Chicago gun crime. Here's what the senator had to say. Wild grilling Amy Barrett. I'm honored to represent the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. It's a great city, but it has great problems, too. And one of them is gun violence On the average we know in America 100 Americans are killed every day by gunfire. 40,000. Here in the city of Chicago. More than 3200. People have been shot just this year. 3200, according the city's gun, trace report in 2017 majority of illegally used or possessed firearms recovered in Chicago or trace back to states with less regulation over firearms, such as Indiana in Mississippi 2017 report found that Indiana alone was the source of 21% of all Chicago's recovered crime guns way. Know how it works. Where you live. You know how it works. There's a traffic between Chicago Northern Indiana and Michigan going on constantly and here. Listen to what? Dick Durbin Ah ah ascribes. To the increase in gun trafficking incorrectly. In fact, the senator is outright lying to you. Here, listen very closely to weighs, about two say about gun shows gun shows they're held in Gary, Indiana and other places and when they're selling these firearms without background checks on. Fortunately, These gang bangers and thugs Philip the trunks of their cars with firearms and head into the city, Chicago and kill everyone from infants to older people. Those who are so called not violent felons, quote only felons like Wicked Cantor have a propensity to commit violent felonies in the future, or you not. There was no evidence of that in the case, and we on courts, for example, the arms career criminal acts.

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