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And, and the gay rights movement comes around, and they say, basically, the same thing they say, you know, there's this promise in the constitution that everybody sort of gets left alone, and that's not being applied to me and Americans buy large go. All right. Fair enough, that's cool. And then we've reached a point where to even invoke the principle is considered reestablishing, the hierarchy of power dominance. That's the part that I find extremely dangerous about what's happening. Now, if you quote the declaration, if you quote the constitution by its very nature, this is now considered an act of white supremacy. This is now considered an act of hierarchical power, because the actual story of America is not the consistent invocation of good principles in order to broaden those principles, the actual story of America is a hierarchy of power crammed down on people with less power who have to fight militantly in order to gain it, and if they have to cynically, use those principles from time to time to get there, then they will, but the reality of America is minority groups struggling for power over majority groups, and eventually those majority groups will will have the point because because it's our principles. This is what bothers me about the shore of Amari. Tack on David French is essentially saying it's your all your Catholic. Sentencing, essentially saying that the, the liberal idea is alternately illiberal, if he illiberal idea, ultimately each itself, and in this moment, you can make that argument. But I'm not sure you could make that argument as as a central unnecessary. I do not think it has to be this way. I think this is something again, that has been manufactured by the left liberal here. I actually probably agree with Michael on this moral. I'm watching this. That's not. That's not a shot at. That's not a shot at liberalism. I, I mean I got you. I think the second time you were on my show to admit that in a normal sane world. You are a classical liberal heart. Of course. Right. I mean that the that those enlightenment principles and the belief in the individual and laze fare economics, and light-touch government that all those things we all basically agree on that. And then there may be some differences on. Let's say abortion or a couple of other things. Okay, fine. But that gets what I was saying before that things that don't define themselves as conservative tend to veer off in. Baseball. And I'm sort of, I'm sort of are now it SARS because it sucks. But I'm sort of. I don't see an out on that. Think well, here's. The, the claim of liberalism, you know, you had all of this, at the end of the nineties, they said liberalism, that's it. We've reached the end of history as what food, Cuiaba wrote and the claim of liberalism is that it's not an ideology like all the other ideologies that it's actually just the neutral playing ground. It makes no claims you can all do whatever you want. You can hold whatever views you want, and what we're seeing now increasingly so is that it does make certain claims it does have certain premises. It is not tolerant. It's not tolerant of intolerance as were seeing on YouTube, and all these social media platforms. It is an idiot. I love liberalism, every American conservative defense, what is largely liberal tradition? But what a lot of these writers are so rob started to say this, and then other people have said that since is that liberalism is not sufficient in and of itself. There are other premises that we have to think about. Still mcgurn wrote this in the very eloquently, and they Wall Street Journal, where you said liberalism is essentially rests on a foundation that is pre Lupul, and that, that, of course, I mean that's my book, right? I mean my outfits, but, but I think that, but I think that there's something else that, that gets ignored in the American tradition of liberalism, which is that America is very liberal at the top federal level, but it's not particularly liberal when it comes down to the local level. Meaning that if you look at the tradition of federalism in the United States, there is never this idea that everything that goes for the federal government also goes for local school boarding..

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