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Five minutes and you'll know a little something about a lot of things it's it's now trendy with riggins on the TJ show at the top of every hour recover all the top turning things that are happening at the moment you have something to talk about the rest of the day and right now the top turning topic Hashtag Thursday thoughts of wisdom going on in that thread Hashtag Thursday thoughts anybody have a Thursday thought no almost Friday yeah yeah. That's bringing the big bringing the big news today. I have a Thursday I thought okay. I thought it was Wednesday. I had thought it was Wednesday. Well you say you bring some news. UC's but big news today most fighting tomorrow look feel inspired. Now you feel ready to take on the day. Come on you break in the big news use today bringing it in the NFL. You're GonNa say you know. I don't have any big news break. I'm here just another day in mine. Never ending life I'm PG UH right below that you'll see Hashtag my that in five words and people are sharing descriptions of their pets and five words and a lot of them are adorable and then you scroll down like the top one is waiting for me in heaven yeah. I don't WanNa say as a joke I was. GonNa say gone to be with low. Yes yeah or gone to see our Jesus but that would have been a joke right right. Why do people do that. They just bring it down with their sad. Sad tale rescued him. He rescued US composer. My favorite uplifting dog is we. Don't you saved mine wallowing dog ever. I think that came from the shelter with defin- bre liters eight malign today as we mentioned earlier today's national chocolate milkshake they which God bless Ya absolutely national video games to end National School Picture Day so some people are sharing pictures from their childhood days in school. What happened to the malt the mall I don't know but thank God it's gone. I don't know do we ever. I can't remember we ever figure out or find out the difference between a milkshake. A Malt O. with Mike monks is something to do with like like a Walker candy that those are malted milk balls. It's got a similar flavor so my parents would always I asked you guys want. We're making milkshakes and do you WanNa Malt or milk. Shake a milk shake a milkshake a milkshake but what how do they do. Malt is different additive but I think so. Komo halted a A milkshake is a Gla- blended ice cream milk and other mixtures like a malt simply a special kind of milkshake that included the addition of malted milk powder. It's like Kinda. Feel it on the back like on the top of your mouth. It's not good. They all day yeah you know. My Dad told me the difference was when I was a kid what that was my brother's Yankees to his. We saw something on TV and I'd say tie. Why do they do this so that's. Why don't they never get a bowl to eat their ice cream? They just heat it right out of the container. He's because they're Yankee so every question was answered that way but this though my dad and I don't know why was asking he didn't know anything about cooking or anything like that. I said what's the difference in a malt and a milkshake. Why don't they say Malt on TV. He's a malt has an egg in it. All right got it. I learned that back when I was running the streets with Cassius Clay in Louisville when I was growing up that's right which I found out later but my grandmother than ever being. TJ's father was prone Tall Tale. I don't WANNA say flat out lie but it was catches. Clay's Mohammed Ali's real or first name he did run the streets with cashes clay in Louisville. Just they weren't ever there at the same the same street they just weren't they were they were outside in the city and it looks like you're flavored EC grits are going away the current administration wants to do away with all flavored e CIG except for tobacco flavors and then the companies would have to ask the FDA for for approval for all flavors which is just. I'd make your own decision about that now. This is a highly disagree with trump about including putting mint and Menthol so I mean they're all going. We live in a free society or yeah. Don't sell them to kids just like you don't sell cigarettes the kid that's right. Yes Dave Riggan. Just cigarettes got no problem you might as many cigarettes John Kill people everyday but five people six people died from THC vape vape that they bought bootleg and now they're going to take them off. The Moon is really boneheaded but whatever you but cigarette money a lot of the cigarette tax money pays for government programs like children's health care programs and things like that so they will never outlaw cigarettes because the taxes that the government receives on each Pakistan big all forms of government local state federal all of them get their hands in it so all those things are now turning k. Okay this is a time for you and you got so excited because you were about to change your beauty habits because you found out some really good information some hacks if if you will then it went all wrong you got hacked. face look like it was hacked. Your Your Beauty D. Y. Y coming up next as TJ show.

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