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Then eventually completely suspend any licenses or permits with regard to the operating of that bar. Tuesday, three of the four suspects appeared in court, the judges said bond for all three. The 17 year old is being held in juvenile jail, court appearance next month. I'm Katie Clark. A tornado that touched down outside Houston left what local leaders are calling catastrophic damage behind correspondent Clayton Neville has the latest. The twister that tore through Pasadena and deer park Texas left flipped over 18 wheelers and stranded motorists in its wake. No major injuries reported but the damage widespread with trees and power lines down nearly 90,000 people lost power in the storm, but deer pork mayor Jerry mutton said the cleanups already started. Within a few minutes, I walked out of my own house and the neighbors were walking up and down, checking on each other and removing debris from the street, you know, just that's dear part. School in deer parks canceled today is recovery continues, damage assessment does too, about 60 residents of a local nursing home where evacuated after significant damage was found to the building. I am Clayton Neville. 12 till now in America in the morning in California, investigations continue into the mass shootings in a Los Angeles suburb and another south of San Francisco, and bullets flew at a gas station in Oakland, just hours after a gunman killed 7 people in half moon bay. Correspondent Jennifer King is following the story. A shootout at a Valero station on Oakland's Macarthur boulevard killed one person and wounded at least 7 others responding officers with the Oakland police department found shell casings, but no victims at the scene. Several victims were learned to be in stable condition after taking themselves to local hospitals for gunshot wounds, but one person died, no arrests have been made. The incident happened just a few hours after another deadly shooting Monday in the San Francisco Bay Area, where a gunman killed 7 people at two locations near the coastal community of half moon bay, 67 year old Chun Li zhao was arrested in that shooting. I'm Jennifer King. In Yakima, Washington, a man walked into a gas station convenience store and opened fire killing three people. The shooter was later found with a self inflicted gunshot wound police say they have no apparent motive in that shooting. A gynecologist who molested some of his patients during a decades long career has been convicted of federal sex trafficking charges, correspondent Julie Walker reports. It took him Manhattan federal court jury less than a day to return its verdict against Robert haddon after 9 former patients testified about how the gynecologist they once trusted attacked them sexually when they were most vulnerable. Haddon's lawyers admitted their 64 year old client had sexually abused patients, but they said his guilty plea to charges in state court 7 years ago put those crimes behind him. Prosecutors said federal charges were appropriate because had an enticed women to cross state lines so he could attack them, among those who went public with abuse charges were Evelyn Yang, the wife of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Julie Walker, New York. Not until let's shift gears with Robert workman and morning sports this Wednesday. 7 time all star third baseman Scott Roland was voted into baseball's Hall of Fame last night, the 8 time gold Glover, making it on his 6th try on the baseball writers ballot. Former rocky slugger Todd Hilton missed by 11 votes of getting in. Billy Wagner Andrew Jones and Gary Sheffield were each named on more than half of the 389 ballots. Roland will join Frederick Griff in cooperstown in July. At the Australian open, the women's semifinals are set Victoria Azarenka ousted the last American hope three C Jessica bagula in straight sets for her first spot in the final four down under since winning the thing back to back in 2012 and 2013. She'll face reigning Wimbledon champion Elena RoboCop. In the other semi early Thursday morning hour time, 5 seed arena sabalenka meets unseated Magdalene of Poland. NHL the bruins beat the Canadians for two on late goals by Patrice bergeron and David pastrnak. Every time you're going to play Montreal

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