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So those customers might be other businesses or the you know they might be real life human being tight people like me and you or you and me are you and i or or all of us goo goo goo we are the walrus crm is about learning what your customers like and don't like about your products and services it's about improving customer satisfaction and therefore customer retention and ultimately it's about driving more sales to customers now keep in mind we are talking about businesses here so in the end of the day the purpose of a business is to make money doing whatever it is that the business does so while customer satisfaction is very important it's typically done with the view of how can i sell more to this person just so that you don't get too warm fuzzy feelings of customer service but it is important and obviously companies that have great customer service are more likely to retain a customer and to encourage that customer to to purchase more and more than a company that has really crappy customer service i'm sure you've all had good and bad experiences with customer service with various companies and i'm sure in many cases that has led to changes in your behavior whether it meant stepping away from a company because you didn't like the way you were treated or sticking with a company becoming a loyal customer because the way that they did treat you then swedes product has lots of features to track customer behaviors to give analysts the chance to figure out what's going on nearly in real time so ideally this would give a company the chance to address any problems quickly or capitalize on working strategies to maximize their impact though this is more complicated than it sounds because there are so many potential points of contact between a company and its customers so there the obvious points like a company's website so if there are feedback forms on the website that's a clear case where you're getting communications from your customers but there could also be phone lines which means.

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