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And if that did, I am sure that has nut obeyed it. God creature grabbed a bullet and chased Benjamin out of the meeting. Wow, what am I mean? How does a whip cut through a sack. I have. We could find that out by bag in England. The culture, two weeks meeting was still trying to get Benjamin banished from the Quakers. Wow. So they've moved on. Case, they're not scorned or anything. They had made an official complaint to the Essex quarterly meeting. The cwm ruled Benjamin was not a proper member of the meeting and should not have been given a joint certificate to go to Philadelphia. But the CNN did not give two shits. They still sent a copy of the joint sniff, get to the Philadelphia women's meeting which have requested. Okay. So see is just like not playing ball? No. Fuck off a little section. CDW wanna Benjamin to suffer. They wrote a letter quote to friends in Philadelphia or elsewhere in America concerning the irregular certificate. Benjamin lay had from Colchester monthly meeting. They pushed Philadelphia to write and send their own letter to anywhere that Benjamin might settle down. Okay. So they're just like, this is an AP base AB scorched earth, right? This is like he's on the ten most FBI wanted list right quicker. Leased wanted list. Both of these. Both of the letters ended up in the hands of church leader, Robert Jordan, junior, a slave holder who fucking hated Benjamin well, March seventeenth, thirty four. The lays moved eight miles north to Abington. At this point, Benjamin was well known in Philadelphia quote, the name of the celebrated Christian philosopher was familiar to every man woman and nearly every child in Pennsylvania. His antics got attention and his protests written up in the press. He's making noise right. Delays built a home home, although from the scripture in that was in the Philadelphia Enquirer I can't imagine what they must try to keep it pretty meager. Not that great. Right quote, the still just sacks, oh, it's worse on the slope of the hill. He had his cave, what It it is. just as well as one for his wife, the roof of wick. And so they had like sort of Dick Van Dyke couples beds, but caves as sort of like, all right, fires out the roof of which he covered with fat straws and limbs of trees spring near the cave. He at forts. Yeah, basically the spring near the cave. He walled up for his house while use and near the cave. He planted for black walnut trees which marked the place for many years, lay lived entirely upon vegetable and grain diet and.

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