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Just and so and then I realized the fourth pillar was mindset. And if you coach which with me. You're going to hear me. Talk about spirituality. Lot and you're GonNa hear me talk about. I don't try to tell them. You should believe in this or that but if they are you know belong to a church I really encourage them to jump into it in a mess. They look at me and I think has anything to do with business as everything. Because they're all tied together said Pitcher at his his barstool four or legs legs when one gets off. You filled a little bit. You're like a little wobbly to gets off. You're playing this dance trying to sit on it and three falls off you're done if you've fallen for and so so We built it around that and realizing that. That's what's going to a can't be just about putting someone on a diet it's gotta be much deeper than that. It's it's so much deeper because what what you learn through fitness helps you evolve as a human being if you view it as an opportunity is at its so much growth. That happens when you're pushing yourself the limits. You didn't think you could and Mike Clients and start to do some spiritual practices whether that's meditation journaling. Prayer Church attendance. Whatever it is their results are better? Could you start living in alignment with your truest self. And so that was just in the last year that kind of created the four pillars before was just like. Yeah we can help you get super shredded and I realized that's not what I WANNA. I do sure we can do that with clients. That's their main goal but not not many and so part of me sharing my story so much as understanding people but the background behind key nutrition. It's not just Mike. I'm like wow the guru say that mindset in having a spiritual connection is really good for you. I'm seeing it like in my own life. I've lived in. I know that it's it's the cornerstone on that kind of makes everything happen. In Jesse worked together so we were constantly evolving and changing and I got ten coaches to work for me and trying to show up as a leader for them is is highly dependent on how I'm doing my own personal growth in my life when I slack on that leadership slacks than they sought. Then there's discontentment in the workplace so it so so I realized I have even more responsibility today to make sure. I'm keeping up on my end of the bargain when nobody's looking through personal development or spiritual growth so I it can show up better for them. Yes so let's Let's dive deeper into that. Because I think that's you know we can maybe find some real kind of actionable. Stop here like like. What are some non negotiable? That Brad has in his day or or in his week. That helped prepare him to show up as later to show up as as coach are you. Are you a person of morning routine. I'm very big on having more entertainer like two hours dedicated myself every single morning. So so what. Are those negotiable in your life. That make sure that your setup to show up who you need to be for your team for your clients you're for your family Morning or team for one hundred percent of non negotiable for me I do it. That was one of the things I was told early on getting sober. That was extremely greenlee. Important and for whatever reason that resonated with me of the other things did not I was suggested to not date may be for a year to try to get an dated two girls not at the same time but back to back but that one I was like that makes sense to me. I have to start my day of when your morning when your day all these Kinda cliche things but it resonated. That is a non negotiable for me It's even caused fights it's with with people I've I've dated in the past where they come down and a kitchen and I'm trying to talk to me. I'm like Woof You get getaway so I need to do this and so I've tried to be flexible within it lately but it is one hundred percent something I do every day and that part of that is journaling. I read daily devotional thing and and Journal I'll do some meditation which is not. I don't Sit Indian style with a rock and a I just it's my picture on your website. I'm looking at you. Sit Out and we have to get off off of them embarrassed by it. I'm like I'm like I'm like I hadn't talked to yeah we had just been connected through Through social and I'm like this dude is not meditate in the middle of the gym. I was like come on. That's why I'm embarrassed by the anytime. Someone takes like especially seen instagram posts. And they set their phone up and take a picture that meditating on Mike. We all know. You weren't meditating 'cause you went and got the pitcher like exactly. Yeah but but Yeah it's a huge part of my That's it's an absolute non negotiable for me is doing that because I've seen the repercussions when I don't do it from buying for a day or two the third day little little irritable and discontent the fourth day. I'm Kinda snapping on people that I I actually to be honest. I don't think I've only four days like twice usually. It's every single morning. There's an occasional morning. I'm that creeps. In where if got blindsided and I scheduled the call at the wrong time. But I'll do it later so maybe it's not a morning team but I do my routine at some point during the day and and but I I try to make it. I mean the morning that is absolutely not I think it is crucial in success. And I believe if you win your morning you can have a better chance of winning your day. Yeah I think they'll come up and wins very subjective to you but yeah I can on a percent I mean outside of that like that is one hundred percent of non-negotiable other outside of that it's That is definitely the strongest one. Good Question Yeah. No screen just just circling back to to what I was sharing previous about the unbroken brain. It's like I putting these little routines and habits place early especially for somebody. If you're out there and you're you're you're trying to get out of a dark place. You're going through recovery like instilling stealing a routine where you are doing things every single day. non-negotiable GonNa you know over time like those are going to become so simple that you're not gonNa have to work to do them but it's going to be able to add on habits like I don't think it's important to start with like a two hour morning routine like just start with one or two things that you say do every single day whether it's no fire two minutes one on one of our One of our episodes you talk about Just doing one push up committing to doing like if you're trying to get started on fitness and you're not doing anything right now. Don't commit to doing a hundred pushups chips every morning or even ten. Just commit to doing one because you know you can do one in the chances up once you're down there and you're doing the one you're GonNa do a few more over time that's going to grow and evolve in just continue. Continue to add on so one hundred percent. I think it's really important point. You make because I started really small eyewear three intentions for the day. And they prayed it took took me all of two minutes That was my first introduction to a solid morning routine. Yeah and once I nailed that down and I started to feel like Oh this is good. I used a little bit of writing and so not only might like it just grew involved. You know and I have to say this that I've hit points where I was doing to our morning routines and it was probably the best I fell and I've stacked a little bit too much on my plate relies on. I'm realizing that going into twenty twenty. And so we digress a little but he unit my morning routine now is probably twenty minutes it. It was up to two hours. I put too much on my plate. I'm noticing it really was helping me a lot but I'm still doing it so I still feel. It's just an. I'm going to ramp that. Backup up in prioritize it a little more so important messages. It's not about perfection it's about consistency and sometimes it looks a lot better sometimes is better. Maybe maybe more You know detail than in you know and longer and doing it in so I will try to make that point to that. There's ebbs and flows with all of this season since we all know. We all have seasons like you and I mean we have you know we're previous bodybuilders. So there were times in our lives where you know. I'm sure it was two a day in the gym you know morning Cardio and evening workout or vice versa whereas now we can probably maintain a you know decent Zeke to what we would have maybe during an offseason with maybe four to four to five days of training thirty forty-five forty five minutes A week but if we ever wanted to dial that back in like yeah we have to recommit Two more frequency and you know like more volume or intensity etc etc.. So yeah I I think it's just understanding where your seasons are in phase of of your life you're currently and let that kind of dictate where you're GonNa go and I'm sure you share that kind of stuff with your your clients like coming coming on a new client. It's like we're just getting started. This is a this is gonna be a transformation so for these first three months like I need your full commitment to this and once we get you to a to to a nice little point like then you can kind of look at maybe adding in you know a night out where you're getting some you know some better you know treats or whatever however however that's coach but yeah I think it's it's important to like not go all in and understand like like this is going to ebb and is GonNa flow and change you know throughout my life so so awesome awesome point there Yes I mean Like I said just just incredibly blessed to have you here today Raton. I think we got a lot out of out of your story and I want to be courteous of everybody's time China's we're kind of wrapping this up so just kind of a few no final pleasant as we as we come to a close here No so your your fitness now. I know you're not not bodybuilding ability anymore. You're not training. What is your current routine like and and where fitness kind of fit into your life absolutely For something Adam. y'All man appreciate your time as well In as far as where my fitness looks like an act which was just Writing out a post To to make later today about this like the five reasons. I go to the gym and Mike. My fitness book a a lot. Different in one of those five is aesthetic still and I think anyone who says they don't WanNa look better just by his is the truth right but Man For me so I'm still working out five for six days a week You know and before was about four or five but lately it's been a little more and You know I'm going through some personal stuff. That's there's there's some changes happening. There's some things happening And for me I ramped it up to six now because anything with my body. It's because it's really. It's such a good mental release for me and so but I would say out of those six five to six days a week probably three or pretty intense. I'm thirty five now. I'm not twenty five anymore You know I'm not on a bunch of the Andrew Jans like I was in my twenties so I try to understand the delicate balance between you know pushing myself and not going to hard I I really care more about how I feel today the so now I look and soy over train but on an. IM super consistently like all the time. I allow myself Some flexibility I I track my own micros and Not obsessively tracked them. Especially when I make some changes. I'm pretty dialed in. But to be honest because they do this for a living I feel a huge responsibility to make sure I'm walking the walk and it's not about having to be perfect or like. Oh my gosh. What if I went like it's not about that? I can go often. I could probably eat like crap for a week and not notice a huge change in my body right away. But I don't like how I feel and I feel like I'm kind of the pot calling the kettle black so I feel responsibility. I he probably I mean I still really good all the time. And but that's because that's what I do for a living and coach people on food and fitness and I feel like man. I don't WanNA invest my money with a broke financial advisor right exactly. Yeah I battle with a pasta imposter syndrome. Quite a bit as a been a coach for for a handful of years. It's like a lot. What I talked about was yeah building muscle using using your physique to catapult you to a greater version of yourself like this message Edmund Sharon for a really long time and here I am like I'm hiding hiding this deep dark secret of something doing kind of on my own time so definitely understand like a like the feeling of the impostor imposter syndrome Yemen?.

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