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Crime scene the defense says early alex suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome prosecutors are asking for the death penalty in santa ana corporate carson kfi news news brought to you by dr retirement of dhaka have rallied in pasadena where a federal appeals court hearing has been held about whether to end the program daca protects certain young illegal immigrants from being deported turtles political director paolo morales tells ktla he expects the issue will be decided by the supreme court yard democracy and there's checks and balances in that democracy and with the president has done north thinks he can do as essentially just write something up and call it quits on that end but it doesn't work that way you're not king there's a process so everything daca program has protected about seven hundred thousand young people brought to the us illegally as children or who came with families that overstayed visas traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center slow in east l a on the five this is on the southbound side were delays earlier served out leaving the sixty freeway taking you all the way towards valley view in la morada now the drive out of make that tested on the five northbound slowing from jamboree delays taking you ahead to the twenty two and two corona ninety one eastbound still backing up from your canyon looking better by green river and finally so va host stay clear of pacific park drive it's off limits between molten in la paz due to an investigation after an earlier explosion oh alternates take molten or pause that'll get you through kfi in the sky helps get you there faster i'm angel martinez oak tree law yes you gotta call oaktreelaw if you have any kind of money issues they are the only game in town a couple in seamy valley at seventy king silly.

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