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In your cats house. Oh, shit. And they're big at all mad. Yeah. Does it come on anymore? Exactly. On brainwash your parents? Oh, well, that's a good. Heck if you've got the parents that are still, they can't sit up the wifi, they can't figure out that password. Imagine the wave of like his pairs for like kids are ruining. Genius. And then Ryan fern Doni tweeted Ted Cruz five hundred brats inside person too. And each read is fifty cockroaches inside red. You can follow me on Twitter at Jack underscore O'Brien. You could tell us on Twitter at Daly's Ike ice for d. daily zeitgeist on Instagram. We have Facebook fan page on a website dailies. I come where post our episodes in our noble off to the information that we talked about on today's episode is will song we right out on. You can also find that information in the episode, whatever app you're listening to this episode on just click on the information mile song. Are we going to ride out? I think we are going to go out on this is funny hits like a throwback track, but there is a song by Mike snow called animal, which I think most people. Anyway, but there's a Mark Ronson remixed that that little island field reggae field. So yeah, peep this Mark Ronson remix of animal by Mike snow. Let's just get the shoulders popping. Put some tips. All right. We're gonna ride out on that. We will be back tomorrow because it is a daily podcast. We'll talk to you. Dreaming. So. Good. This. It's Barrington Thurston host of spit, iheartradio's newest podcast, twenty three and me. Will we explore how understanding your DNA changes, how we think about ourselves and the world around us. We've got the inimitable why? Cliff? John, we have so much more in common than you could even imagine you put two kids together. Big on one play. They're gonna. Wanna have good time. They gonna wanna fall in love, have opinions this every kid listen to the full episode of spit with twenty three and me in the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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