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Up one of the people he reportedly quotes really we'll talk about that as well state local news at six thirty two as well it's a six thirty live from NPR news in Culver city California nine to Wayne brown the US Supreme Court says it will take up the case over whether the nation's most powerful consumer protection agency is constitutional the main issue is whether the president can replace the director of the consumer financial protection bureau NPR's Chris Arnold explains the bureau was created after the financial crisis to be a tough watchdog protecting everyday Americans from being treated unfairly by financial firms whether that be big banks are shady loan sharks by design at the bureau's director is very powerful and independent and as part of that even the president can't replace the director except in cases of neglect of duty or malfeasance the tribe administration argues that gives the director too much power if the court agrees though is that cuts both ways if a Democrat wins the White House here she could immediately replace the director that president trump appointed who otherwise could serve out the remainder of a five year term the court is unlikely to hear the case until next year Chris Arnold NPR news fueling fears of a global economic slowdown the world's second largest economy China's experiencing its weakest expansion in nearly thirty years in Paris Emily Fang tells us the bruising trade war with the U. S. is playing a role in the economic slowdown China statistics bureau said third quarter GDP growth throws it just six percent compared to the same quarter last year it's a slow as its grand since nineteen ninety two a prolonged trade with the US is at fault because it's cut and industries from mining exports but the slowdown has more to do with structural economic problems like winning domestic demand and high levels of government and corporate debt Italy Fang reporting news out of China led U. S. markets lower today America's first all female space walking team made history earlier outside the international space station astronauts Christina cook and Jessica mere replaced a broken part of the station's solar power grid on Wall Street stocks finished lower across the board today this is NPR and this is Casey are W. on a Friday October eighteenth of Larry Pareil here's what's happening at six thirty two jurors today have recommended a death sentence for the so called Hollywood Ripper who stabbed to women to death in southern California and attacked a third Michael Gargiulo was convicted in August of two counts of first degree murder in two thousand three and five jurors also found him guilty of the attempted murder of another woman in two thousand eight she survived being stabbed eight times in Santa Monica apartment a new study from the university of California has down that unpredictable work hours have detrimental effect on employees and their families and black and Latino women are most affected his case your W. siris castle the findings come from a continuing survey of about thirty thousand workers researchers compared workers who earned the same wages at the same employers but had different degrees of predictability and their schedules researchers found that black and Latino women have the worst schedules and white men had the best kids with parents who had precarious schedules displayed more bad behaviour and anxiety researchers say schedule instability wasn't tied to education or age but because managers gave worships to employees who weren't white this case here it'll be cerise castle reporting a man was struck and killed by an Amtrak train this morning as it was leaving the Norwalk Santa Fe springs station the train was heading towards LA tracks were closed between Norwalk and commerce to investigate and affected LA bound metrolink passengers for a few hours the man has not been identified there were no other injuries reported if you were up at about midnight last night you might have felt a small three point five magnitude quake that hit in Compton U. S. Geological Survey says the quake happened on the Newport Inglewood fault line which runs across a lot of cities in so cal Jon Stewart is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at UCLA he says the Compton quake is not cause for alarm it's more just a reminder that Warner quite country we have faults all around us and every once in awhile they pop off the Newport Inglewood fault line did cause a deadly quake in Long Beach back in nineteen thirty three but it says that wasn't big enough or wasn't big night enough to trigger earthquake warnings like the new my shake app this is a people receive too many alerts when the real thing happens they might not take it seriously enough but on the other hand we really haven't had the app do anything since it rolled out you know the famously Denton's warn us for ridgecrest because I was too far away it didn't pick up this one and maybe people start to wonder if the app even works the ridgecrest earthquakes were the ones that hit LA county earlier this year on July fourth and fifth and regardless Stewart says we can never be reminded too often to make sure that we.

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