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In the days. Other news Republicans can now claim 1/50 seat in the U. S. Senate Associated Press declared Dan Sullivan the winner in his re election bid in Alaska. Senate control now hinges as we've been reporting on January run offs for two seats in Georgia. AP also projects that Democrats will control the House of Representatives, but with a smaller majority. Republicans could gain a dozen seats there. Facebook now says that its ban on political ads will likely last another month it originally covered on Ly the week after the election. The ban is meant to limit misinformation about the presidential results and about those Senate runoff in Georgia. Koven 19 infections across the U. S. Hit more records. Today, the nation recorded nearly 140,000 new cases in just the last 24 hours with nearly 62,000 people hospitalized with the virus. In response, more states announced curbed, including New York and Indiana, where Mayor Eric Holcomb said that hospital workers need help. They're exhausted and overwhelmed and need us all to do the things that we can On the outside. It will slow the number of patients that need Hospitalisation and their treatment inside. I meant to, say Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana. Deaths are also rising, with more than 1400 deaths.

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