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I think either someone that works and my team a me an email that michelle is wearing one of our garments what we've so kind of her actually is probably the best word was that she wore is something that was off the rack and still available and it down sounds perspective goal from ten plus years of working retail from the ground up what that means is she didn't go through stylist she didn't get it for free but also that if anyone wanted to emulate her which she was the first lady of the united states of america and many did and do that the product is still available and she was thinking about small american businesses i think and but at that moment when i got the call or the email i was quite thankful and that is something that i would like to remind all of my co entrepeneurship is to think about how much you have accomplished even in starting because the difference between entrepreneurs the non entrepreneurs is the start and really that's it because many people have great ideas but not many people act on their great ideas i don't think everyone really has context for how expansive your line is tell us a little bit about everything that you're encompassing now sure so i started in two thousand four and i did with designer product which is what i loved and about two thousand eight i started a secondary collection and now was win the economy wasn't actually doing that well with retail and the way that that benefited me was not a lot of other brands were starting secondary lines and so i didn't have a lot of competition in the market at that price point so that really worked out in my favour so you know the take away from that is you can do the exact opposite of what you are you know what the the experts recommend and and it can be a success.

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