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Well i think the difficulty would be establishing definitively that it was corruptly gotten because he wouldn't want to take somebody's freely earned money in a way that wasn't fair but what makes this is this is this a different the death penalty don't think so when you have one hundred percent clarity in the fight of what you're doing is just this is very similar i think you'll right in that you need quite high evidence threshold the so we're going to take your assets away from you but the interesting thing about abramovich is his own barrister admitted in open court that the auction had been rigged and i think that gives us definitive proof that some of the money that is some of you from his into some of his not all of it remember it did quite a lot of business before he bought you do just take a bit of him i think we should confiscate chelsea football club from roman abramovich an hour at the massive signal wow because i know you're gonna tell him wow sold in buffalo new oldies welcome to the ping pong this i this all by manifesto of yours russia actually look my i can't believe john redwood hammered you in you're in the in the debate you let he how much you met with the election ill amateur john renton passenger when you run food so russia how many big you buy so months because the area roy stood it's a safe labour woking woking.

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