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Coming in the commissioner. Jeff de lo and. Listen to my fucking Django rankings do dumb son of a bitch. Fuck. I would. Fight. Oberg said Oh Kevin. Oh what jared what I? would. I really believe that? We will have to confirm him. ooh. That fat bitch guy would be willing to bet. I would be willing to bet he meant like if if it keeps in jared if John Drafted, Casey, I would have been like what the fuck dude but I wouldn't really care. That's what he he really is is really wanting me to pick or kick Kevin doesn't care right but that doesn't Do. You know what I mean though like I wouldn't be like hurt by okay I wasn't. It love Jagath now and now I know I love Jenga and I've had every time I played it. I've really enjoyed it. We've I've lost like I'm happy to try to go to win ten grant. No doubt. So I think that was a little bit of a misunderstanding. Care on doesn't care about John. John's giving me money. If he does win I mean that's gotta be fucking against the rules or something commissioner. I love John Pathetic pathetic. We're mad about that trade to the trade for nothing whereas the commissioner on that one, it's it's By the way. Jarod, the other people were trading Tommy. Tommy traded his pick. Watch the. Yes. Could, get. You could get out. I'm the one that put it in. John's head the he should treat his pick when he was talking about nothing. No No, no. No. When he was talking about the dilemma of having to pick between you and Casey I said, why don't you just die down hope that they both get picked before you Get something of value in return right? Right. There, I didn't think any of the other captains would have picked clean because they they've all. We've all played with people already also everybody picks like their podcast partner or their roommate. Weren't allowed to pick your podcast partner. No, you were allowed. Yeah. There were a couple rookie picks there were. Lowering your bar lowering the bar. People for President Vice President got it correct. But the the jurors watches to what's borstal content that. He misses being in. Business being in the office so much that he just watches the content every day but the I, the only other person I thought may would select me was Tommy just because I knew that Tommy a we have a weird rivalry and always have but be he'll shopping his team and he said at one point he was going to ask me he said he was going to hold me hostage. With my instagram and he said what I have would you have said, yes. If I said I had to have five posts on your instagram. I thought he meant stories. I was like, yeah I post you five times in my store owner no posts like Tommy you I'm GonNa give you one post on my instagram. Let own five just to play. Jangling five grand I don't think so Tommy. He. But that's how we got Dan he got a post from Dan. Still. Not Going to offer Tommy. Unless there were parameters put on that big cats gonNA, post them and be like look this fucking loser Tommy it's going to be like everybody follow Tommy's. EDUCA- it's going to be. It's not gonNa be good for timing but I, think back to Jeff. Let's talk about. Head I also can I can. I might have to expose a little bit here. Oh. There is there are rumors there are rumors that you didn't even reply to the initial sign up I never had because because I even put you on the rank. Mines drag him I say. Put, Kevin There I tell you I didn't know any of this. So I. Tuned in to the like the pre show before the draft started and I texted hang I'll take the time stance. What time did you guys start the? I three ten. Is like the audio like the production office in Europe. To the moon baby I texted Hank at three fourteen and I said do I'd have to sign up for this or my draft eligible. So yes, I never saw kb were not on the list and I was like we should probably probably put them in. Also they're probably going to spider when you got drafted spider came into the Green Room I don't know if this is something you ask her gas, but he was like, would you like to go except Kevin draft pick on behalf of the most like, fuck? No, I'm not going in there. Research like a spider. Gaz Move I was like, no I sure won't. If Kevin really cared about being drafted, he would be here. I didn't know any this was happening I care about playing pretty good I it's a top ten ranking. I'm undefeated Jeff you have a wreck diving thirty. Two. Block yeah. But records records, I like like. Oh in one rudy one of the best we've seen in the zone one is because Somehow, some way whoever he was playing they snake. One Game Not in the Tiki the got disqualified. Oh, it was billy innate billion nate shamed. Rudy into still playing even though there was ever. He's like well, there's no. I'll tell you what that's a bad move by him and I gave him now. Now attention. There's no moves left I mean I know that I pulled that last walk but even though the the second game I played that was a stunning they got shamed for content reasons to keep. That's bad gender decision-making. I've never pulled a losing block I think at least two maybe three times I pulled the block before the losing blocks. So I'm never I'm on the block and care I would probably change your inking to what the idea and what you're doing top five. Freshman you didn't care. There's one first of all that shouldn't matter now. I. I think. It was a big thing. No fucking way. was like a five star recruit but I was like, who's a good example? Josh Rosen didn't go number one because he didn't. I'm here I'm like, Anthony Riendeau, who's like I don't even fucking like baseball, but he's a fucking monster. But you're asking me but your team mate that. That people said, you didn't care. It's only twelve teams. There are thirty three, but it doesn't matter. It's like I thought I thought it was a pretty good raise. One person I think that I've seen play. Better, and that's Robbi Fox. That's where that's where record doesn't matter. Block one, one, two three, but he's he's mine. He's a step ahead of everyone. Played Against Robbie and I have played with Robbie and every x Ray Vision. He sees the blocks in different colors. Like Resolve. I'll knock a bunch of different blocks and then find one that's loose. I have not seen him ever not pull the block and he talked said, he touches I. It's like I can't tell if it's extreme lock or if he actually looks and he's like I can see that there we've pay. We started paying attention to his he's gone over. He's just like staring at the tower and moving gets back into his cult. It's like it's like it's like he's weaponized asperger's. Arneses it and use it in a in a good way, and now we got we ask them to make crewmax because Tim and Trent. T shirts. Yeah him bringing in the Blackburn. Very. poops you didn't even get to take draft picture with the shirt. I didn't know this is happening. Jersey's pretty good. When I saw the Jersey I was way less upset I. Don't want to wear that spelled out in Pugh sobre guys can move and there's there's to yeah pukes to is is nick and frank the tank which I mean they're talking about big drama. Kb Wow. Maybe. Not. Well. There could be some cuts. You WanNa. See someone who's safe fights my caught himself..

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