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Nfl coach. I'm not putting him in the college coach. He's not in that because he was ready. Add his great great success there but he was an nfl coach. I went to college and one at usc and then went back to the nfl. Ryan and chris. We'd have to go all the way. Back to jimmy johnson and the cowboys twenty five years ago when barry switzer took over for him right. Those are the time when college coaches will win an nfl. Chant super bowl right but since then. The cupboards been bear and was twenty years ago. Twenty eight twenty nine years ago. Yeah look for the coaches. You mentioned steve. Spurrier grey college coach last two years in the nfl where washington went. Twelve and twenty. Bobby push no did well in college. Those are the pros last thirteen games. Rob it lands at all. It was game. He issues going on right right. Nick sabin you mentioned and i agree. Greatest college coach ever two years at miami goes fifteen and seventeen and now you've got urban. Meyer here's what i'll say and this could be. Maybe this can be some inspiration for an urban meyer up. You mentioned the most successful guy in recent memory right that we can think of who made the transition from college to the pros and that would be jimmy johnson. And here's the difference between jimmy johnson. And the rest of these guys. Jimmy stayed through the hard times. Jimmy didn't show up in dallas and all of a sudden everything was great. Now they were one in fifteen his first year he stuck at hung in there and they were evident. Nine is second ear they hung in there. Eleven five the next year but still don't win the super bowl no loss worth year. They got their butts kicked by the lions and wayne. Fons there you go. We're with with troy aikman and all those guys and emmett smith chris. That does all on the team. The lions won that playoff game. It was his fourth of fifth years. Rob that he won no super bowls in dallas. Then he did go to miami coach before years his cry. He made the playoffs three years but never got got right. So that's the difference route. Is that jimmy. Johnson hung in there. These other guys lasted three years. So i that's what i look. We who who knows what happens thinking. Hey you know what. I'm day tweeted. How sports illustrated did you see chris or no. No sports illustrated tweeted out the quote. A lot of good players in this league man. It's it's alabama every week and then tweet from sl says how long will urban. Meyer lasts in the nfl. Question mark already chris. That's often you know. And and i get this not even like it's it's not if he leaves. It won't be an indictment on his character. I mean it is what it is. I get it if a guy who has done is win can just handle the loser. Rob just can't stomach it. You just tired. you're like look. I can go back to college and i can. I know i can win. I know the formula there. Do i really want to stay here and lose twelve game every year. You know If he does that and goes back to college. It'll be fine to me. But i would say to him. Look at jimmy johnson. Because it's going to be rough as you rob. They might go one in sixteen and you remember. People were thinking that attack. The texans will worse. Chris and some things and no jacksonville. Looks bad. the jets look bad or the worst team to go. They look like they lured in the league right now. Yep absolutely and so. Yeah we'll see. But i don't know if you you asked me rob you put a gun to my head. I would say that urban is gonna get tired of the loser and lasting one year or two years. I don't think he's quitting after. I definitely think you last a year and goes into the second second year. And i'm gonna give him two years unless driver lowered. That's her unless they turn it around next year. Maybe win games or something ten games. I know as my bought it is the nfl you know you never know. But what are your What's your guess. How long two years right. I think that's about it and know. Be bad two years and you know. I mean it'll be really bad this year next year in a few more games 'cause Just from progress and trevor lawrence figuring something out but ultimately. Chris is not as they're not going to turn this around to the levels that he wants and he's used to so he'll be like i don't know if i could. I could just do this anymore. And two years. You don't feel like he's a total quitter like he rhino. We bailed out on everybody and it could be like two years menace to citizen progress in or you know i want to be with my family or the hell thing you know like whatever you gotta do you could get your way out of it. After two year. No doubt and rob. He's already had a bit of come up. It's because he's found out you know in college. You can do absolutely what everyone do not here. He found out. You can't hardy district coach from iowa. You're right that Maybe as you're warned on the team right next door neighbor and friend who came on. It's not happening and so it. That's part of it too. Is you guys so much control in college. Rob and you just don't have that in the nfl. These are grown men. Making more money than you. I and you gotta know how to deal with that. So it's gonna be interesting to see how urban meyer handles this. But you know rob midway through the season if they're like one in eight my goodness it is going to be interesting to see where his head is at all right. Eight seven seven ninety nine on fox. Eight seven seven nine nine sixty three sixty nine. You'll turned away. In how long does urban meyer last. In the in f where his own words every week like playing alabama. Here's what he left out. Every every week is like when alabama and your fresno. Be sure to catch. Live editions of the odd couple with chris broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven. Pm eastern four pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. Hey it's me chris broussard. Summer went by fast. 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