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The alliance of hope i asked him just how surprised he was by this victory absolutely surprised i'm definitely very tired i've lost my voice using the cost of the campaign on this myself but several mike leaks we follow a good fight and i think the outcome is absolutely stunning and crystal clear be voice of the people of leisure the clamor for change is absolutely clear you talk about this being a clamor for change but is it really change when you have adt the head of the alliance of hope a man who has been prime minister for twenty two years many regard dr mahathir mohamad as somebody who was a thorough tarian and the person who might take over from him was somebody that he himself pushing jail anwar ibrahim this is this is quite a predicament because twenty years ago at the age of seventeen i joined the reformation movement attending street protests and here we are twenty years later not only is to not amati leading the lines of hope but he actually campaigned for me in the constituency of lama anti the fact that i was i was elected as a member of parliament with his support with his help i think ordinary malaysians accepted him as a leader the people who accepted him are also people who were from his old party from unknown i sit in the lines of hope presidential council we have meetings very often once a week at least and my sense of it as a young person i'm fifty seven i see that even at the age of ninety two even though he has his track record i think that he's trying to reform himself and in the cost of that he has abandoned his own party and he started a new party many of the candidates who stood on his party ticket they are new and unconnected with i'm no doctor ma today is not entirely the same man as he was when he became the prime minister when i was born in one thousand one nor is he the man in nineteen ninety eight when he removed from government and subsequently imprisoned him you're saying that you'll confident that he will make sure that anwar ibrahim does take over from him in two years time even though he was responsible for locking him up this i'm absolutely sure today he.

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