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But the third reason that really convince me at wasn't alan gardner was it that foists i mean really you know we didn't have a word for it back then but i was convinced at one of my friends was punking me because that's kind of friends i have so i said what i think only any logical person would say and i said yeah who the fuck is that's really and there was a pause and then i heard he says the alan gardner are from the cycle biology language project at the university of they're not like now well you probably can guess i wouldn't be standing here today if it wasn't alan gardner from the university of in fateh reno offering me a full ride to get my phd an experimental side and how he got to me is kind of an interesting question which i will say i won't get to directly which in the south means i'll get their eventually so but within two months my wife jill on i hit filled up every possession we had stuffed it into a twodoor dodge colt and we were driving across country to reno nevada now i don't know how many of you have actually met a chimpanzee face to face i have also meta lowland gorilla but it it's pretty interesting kind of freaky actually and i started at the cycle biology language project with a chimpanzee name moshe she was fouryearold female she's about ninety five pounds had arms about as long as my legs and i can show you the exact size of her mouth fits this moonshaped scar that i carry right here.

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