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Choose to include in seattle mitch pittman komo news now your political instincts for maybe see news the debate over president trump's zerotolerance immigration policy has given birth to two cents of talking points democrats say republicans and the president wants to indefinitely jail entire families senator bob menendez in new jersey all the president's executive order does is forced families into indefinite detention as they pursue the asylum process as the solution of keeping children out of the tension is to put entire families in republicans argue that democrats want to return to catch and release house majority leader kevin mccarthy going to perpetuate the problem we currently have because they did not want to end this catch and release they're going to put families in harm's way mccarthy announced republicans would be making tweaks to their immigration back edge over the weekend in the senate is pointed to alternatives to detention like gps ankle bracelets those are your political insights i'm meghan hughes abc news trump administration officials has hundreds of children who were separated from their parents of the us mexico border have been reunited with their families since may but there are still questions about what will happen to those still separated from their parents the announcement comes on the heels of first lady melania trump surprise visit to shelter for immigrant children in texas abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl the first lady wore that jacket saying i don't really care to you the her spokesperson said there was no message intended no hidden meaning i mean it wasn't hidden it was written in huge print on the back of her jacket unclear exactly who she was sending that message to but it was one of the more bizarre fashion statements i think that we have ever seen from a first lady jonathan karl abc news the white house.

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White House, Jonathan Karl Abc, Jonathan Karl discussed on News, Traffic and Weather

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