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KOA NewsRadio. Time, now we go from a. Story where I'm rooting for the, leopard I am not, rooting for the iceberg in this story okay I'm not for the record I'm. Not rooting, for the iceberg but. Imagine you know we deal with stuff like, this all the time in a very different. Way for instance I just mentioned fire if you are in the urban wildlife. Interface you have to worry about wildfires in Colorado it's just one of those. Mother nature things that we have to. Worry, about we'll magin being a tiny little village in Greenland and. Having, a Jain. Enormous eleven, million ton Berg perched right offshore now the iceberg itself Floating there. Isn't the challenge the challenges if it Cavs off a big enough iceberg it. Can create a su- NAMI that can. Drown, the entire town I mean that is not cool this iceberg is bigger than the village it's massive I. Mean absolutely massive so, here's what, they're hoping they're hoping that the strong winds, will push the iceberg out into Baffin bay and then everything's fine Unfortunately they might. Get a large amount of Warren precipitation they could further destabilize the iceberg and cause large piece to break. Off and, create that soon NAMI. This is just crazy by the way. Thirty three. People have, already moved. To safer places inland others. Have been asked to move their boats away from the iceberg and others are, just sticking it out So you know that's just that's. Not a word that is not a mother nature situation that I can ever foresee myself truly. Worrying about like oh no. This icebergs are, gonna drown a whole town we just don't have to. Think about that this is something this is probably a silly idea but can't you just laser it melted I mean it's. Just ice well but the problem is that you, create a lot of water more unstable What's the top of. It then you possibly could create a situation where it. Could cab something big enough to take out this the soon. Army wave would take out the soul. Visit I will tell. You I've worried about hurricanes. In my life I've worried about tornadoes in my life I've worried about. Blizzards I've, worried about torrential rains, I have never worried about being hit by a Sioux NAMI created by Colorado feel pretty good about not being an issue so there you go And I just thought so send a little prayer of to the iceberg gods that they spare this little tiny village in Greenland or that the people will have the good sense to actually just. Maybe vacate the area Yeah yeah yeah, you can't stop the, iceberg but you cannot be there if it happens just to suggest you know it's coming all right yeah Hello yeah we'll see but now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio Of it's kind of the day All righty now season we. Came in the studio with me what? Does? The. Word, of the day please Dave hey word of the day is a noun Mhm sign a phobia spell that please C y. N o. Phobia And I I must say it's a, fear of, being, poisoned fear being.

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