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As jihad john you legal affairs committee i was approached by the front you do sheeran who request of the lifting of the amenities though the request was approved another volvi taken the entire you parliament finalized emotion i mean it is fully revolt depend could face you're ready a fine of seventy five thousand euros dirk in the waning moments of the show how much what's seventy five thousand euros in dollars to renaud to recover earlier and here we go up to three years in prison and the and the charge pablo should and violent images so here's a lady who says hey i love my country i don't want my fellow french fronts ruined frenchwoman whatever bring be headed islamic states evolve i'll look what what they do and she could face seventy five thousand you're a fine sure she's got the money but three years in prison i that's got to get on the way of her running for president now off and that's by design oak at seventy nine thousand hundred thirty six dollars and twenty five cents so that's which is going to be fine if if they are successful in this vaulted you're going to have this is disgusting gary it's the deep machine pretty machine what were striking an trying to take down heard is taking you know one of the warriors of stew's coming out of reluctant about this from come back tomorrow resistance is not.

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