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Dozens of volunteers to provide free cold in nineteen testing to partner with black churches to get it all done this reprimand of Salem Baptist church we have resources that we will not wait for government we shouldn't have to wait for government source and will host another free testing day on Friday now every church of god in Christ Greg well tonight sports fans will finally have something new to watch the first round of the virtual NFL draft K. Y. WJZ ram joining us live this morning with more on this morning Dave Hey Carol good morning well the next three days might provide normalcy for sports fans it'll also be a dream come true for some local prospects Georgia running back in Philadelphia native the entrees with might be taken in the first round tonight another prospect who could go in the second or third rounds is temple center Matt Hennessy I'm real excited accreditor to rejoin the team there's been a weird phase in which I have been part of a team definitely a different phase for these players temple linebacker in South Jersey native Shawn Bradley has gotten used to virtual communicating with various squads instead of meeting them in person the process of an interesting you know you get them to miss out on visited teams and doing the work outs and things like that but on the other hand you get to spend time with your family and Bradley in Hennessy do plan on watching the draft with their immediate family over the next three days and if commissioner Roger Goodell told ESPN yesterday one of the reasons it's important to hold this trapper Chile is to honor health care workers and those eighteen encoded nineteen relief we think this is a great day and a great opportunity for us to to take our platform and to pay tribute to the the heroes have been on the front line over the last couple of months and Carol tonight the eagles have the twenty first pick in the first round all right thank you Dave well one of the area's biggest sports stars is waiting to get back on the soccer field here's K. Y. W. said bank and like everyone else Carli Lloyd is staying at home as the world deals with the pandemic but the soccer stars also gained a new perspective now that her schedule has changed I realized why is is that going to work so I'm I'm definitely definitely embracing it although it is very difficult but I am pleased with the Tokyo Olympics postponed until twenty twenty one what we'll have to wait at least one more year for what will likely be her last major soccer event B. R. individually another year to prepare another year to get better just give it everything that I thought because you know most likely will probably be probably be it for me for now Lloyds thoughts are with those who are suffering from the pandemic as she and the rest of the athletes across the country continue to wait for sports to return I met Bankim K. Y. W. newsradio dot construction are going up in South Jersey will check in with them in just a couple of minutes at seven twenty W. news radio thank you for helping our community through the crisis and I live in Phoenix ville and I want to change dramatically on Lincoln Avenue she with the help of her grandchildren are making marriage has a close range in the backyard can you see on your system shared.

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