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We Kerr how you doing very good marks very good I'm trying not to what I get what let my blood pressure go up listed to the stuff you know idea I never thought I would be living in and in an attempted coup to turn the country into a third world hell hole but I know some people think is going on people think this is great they think it's the Democrats planning your own funeral for twenty twenty I know it is but it's still it's it I isn't it rather disturbing but the the one of the major political party says just totally bottles the class and the ones for throw out the constitution to process the bill of rights everything is always great let him go nuts well I don't know I'd rather have a the you know like the old days when they would argue over stuff like the you know a lot of ad valorem tax our farm subsidies amend all go have a drink together play golf you know these these people these Democrats are insane it all I mean they've they've lost their mind to it as you know we talk about a million times but every time they say you know something if you have to assume it's exactly the opposite whatever they accuse the Republicans of doing they're doing whatever they say so so now the it's because he says he wants a fair trial in the Senate so you know the you know using your you don't break the great you go to your translator your pilots dictionary which he says a fair trial beat and unfair you know if he doesn't if he doesn't have any evidence and she didn't allegedly crimes so now she wants to go into the Senate and then just start digging around in all this a grand jury testimony but I thought we thought this all over a few what weeks ago that you can't you can't turn over grand jury testimony you know it's easy it's it's a crime which he wants the she beast people from Los this is what this is all about is these these Democrats operatives you know these are the same people who are were involved in the the attempted Russian cool you know what this is and they want to get into this counter intelligence operation in the but but Horwitz on covered the that I'm the best they're not even use in any kind of rules of evidence this is just beginning dirt so he has won all these lawyers like Goldman and park and all the rest of all the people that work there it in the house I just dig in through cracks what can first off on trump Hey they've the what they're fighting for with a really fine they want to be able to call a lot of witnesses but isn't that their admission that they didn't they didn't make the case they still need more witnesses they have got to catia right right exactly it end this is an annual now you have US troops were up there today you know he's arguing that they that that they have to have witnesses when he argued exactly the opposite twenty one years ago and in that case they had what we called for crimes for what he is he all right under I mean the what their work yeah no one has alleged that Donald Trump committed any crimes me they you know they will be the with the the second hand whistle blower was just to get at another Democrat operative with a goatee and you know a little white he he you know he alleged that there were these quid pro quos with the with the sap and threats but then the then the you know being a transcript comes out and does not have that in there and so that they bring in this guide them but who was born in the Soviet Union and they say you you will you speak Ukrainian and English is the transcript accurate he says yes are you back to be the end of a right there right there were several web sites you know and then I don't think they realize that there was nothing going on if you just don't get it most Americans assume there's always quid pro quo and that's the point of the foreign aid and they'd be horrified if we didn't get anything for our foreign aid right I mean it you know when whenever it a state or a municipality gets aid from the federal government there's always there's always strings attached you know I mean if you want some highway money you have to go along with what the feds want as the as the national speed let or you know or is it in the eighties we had Massachusetts state caucus the governor did want right turn on red so so the president said okay you does the state controlled whether there's right turn on red but guess what we control what do you get any federal money so what what kind of system would be if you if you know what if they have power over state over the states we're you know we're what you're wrong get out controlled by Americans why would you just give no strings attached money to to corrupt foreign governments what so they can turn around and give it to what Joe Biden's crackhead side is it me or does people to judge remind you a little of Dukakis you know I. T. you know I you know I don't give notice last fight that trump said that he either looks like how right at eighty so do you have because I I I was with Michael car with my daughter and I said you get that she's available like the so it was you have to be of a certain age what it you know he you know what now that you mention it he does have sort of at the caucus that demeanor yeah and but he has he he does have the out pretty no ma'am walk so I'm gonna be interested to see how that debate goes tonight because was with Warren is is straight she she seems to be at like a a rapid descent there at the polls are a lot but not on this this this pleased with that but I want to see what she tries to do yeah well I don't think they are you know what you put out that the plan that was obviously impossible the numbers were crazy that was the Bernie Sanders he's he he saw it if they have the same plan that has the same well backs is the trump of socialism he's honest he'll just say that's going to cost you a fortune I don't know how we make it work he's just honest she's not you know I say you know that you know one thing I really enjoyed the other day use spire and spent eighty one million did you see the fire and I am like I thought to myself this is Bernie Sanders should study this this is the creative destruction of capitalism right the guy makes a lot of money and then he just throws it all the way on the stupid campaign right only to you don't need to tax the billionaires just let him behave with but throw money away like spires still like you know I'd be bloopers got a lot more obviously but he's doing the same thing right yeah he's the he's he's the only it by the end of it all the way out a quarter of a billion or half a billion dollars two guys who can't talk so they have to buy their way in but you can't you can't draw the PP well it's in their stupid ads Hey I will have a lot like less than a minute I could ask you the world expert on Irish gangsters did you see the Irishman I haven't seen it yet I would I would be off the next week or so what did you think of that well I have over this great mob scenes the other half is you don't want to see if it's boring family the daughter those who cares I just want to see the gang scenes yeah I know but it about Robert deniro he be started out playing on it playing Italian gangsters believed that he played an Irish gangster the you know that your work the player a Jewish gangster lefty Rosenthal now he's back to play in an Irish gangster get which no one art whether their Irish Italian or Jewish they all talk the same way all right amazing playing you know what a range he's got so well how we how we Kerr of everybody's gonna how the car show dot com have you looking for some.

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