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House Republicans fire off more subpoenas before Democrats take control in January. The House Judiciary committee is issued subpoenas for former FBI director James Comey and for former attorney general, Loretta Lynch. The committee is requesting private depositions from Komi on December third and from Lynch on December fourth C, N N national correspondent, Alex Marquardt joins us now with details and Jim Komi. He didn't sort of miss a beat there. He responded to this subpoena with tweet say Brioni responded. Very quickly responded this morning, essentially saying that he's happy to sit down for another one of these hearings. But he is saying that he's gonna fight the committee's decision there to have it be behind closed doors. Now, the tweet that he posted today says happy thanksgiving got a subpoena from House Republicans. I'm still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions, but I will resist a closed door thing because I've seen enough of their selective. Leaking and distortion. Let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see brianna we've also heard from comas. Lawyer who is responding to that subpoena calling it an abuse of process and saying that he will go to court to try to make it. So the former FBI director testimony is in the public. This has to do with the FBI handling of the Clinton Email probe and also the Russia investigation. What do Republicans hope to learn here? Well, you touched on it earlier. This is really about the timing. And it's one of the last chances for House Republicans to do anything with this pro because they're about to lose power in the house, and with the Democrats taking over they could do away with this probe altogether. So in theory, the Republicans led by judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte are still trying to question Komi over what he called the extremely careless handling by Hillary Clinton of highly classified information, and then they're also going after Loretta Lynch for her possible influence in all this, and you can remember, of course, that infamous meeting that she had on the tarmac with former President Bill Clinton, but really Republicans know that their days are numbered here. So this is a way for them to get in their last shot. While these still can all right? Alex marquardt? Thanks so much. I want to bring in Julia Manchester. She's a reporter for the hill. And we also have Michael Zeldin Robert Muller's former special assistant at the DOJ with us. What do you make of this? Julia of what Republicans are doing here. So I would definitely call this a parting shot at this point. They know that in a couple of weeks there are essentially going to be out of power. It's Democrats coming in we've seen on the judiciary incoming who's assuming going to be house. Fish chairman, Jerry Nadler has said he will subpoena. Various members connected to the ongoing Russian Muller's pro however. Yeah, call this a parting shot it also comes as President Trump really submitted his questions to Muller's investigation. So a lot going on the timing is very interesting, but Democrats will call very politically motivated. Is there anything that? They could learn Michael. I mean is there anything else to cover that? We don't already know. I think not I think actually this has been testified to by Komi and by. Loretta Lynch previously. There were lead roulette Loretta. Aspect of this involves her asking Komi do refer to the Clinton investigation as a matter and not an investigation and Qomi said that that was part of the reason that he went forward with his famous July press conference with so completely backfired. If that was what? In fact, she had and then Lynch and Clinton Bill had a tarmac meeting, which they said was a ridiculous meeting at the time. It was more. Right..

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