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Okay i watch i watch i will okay i promise there's a sequence they show the world with paddington and then they show the world without like harry in it's wonderful life think about shaun of the dead and hot fuzz it's the same kind of british comedy very very well done all right it's a lovely film okay go watch paddington do i can't help but notice there's something sitting on the table i wanna talk about it's it's it's the robot from paddington to that halen that's that's cane he is the villain from robocup to the best book that is a casting of what of the stop motion models that is was a gift to me from phil tippett it is one of my favorite possessions since lowering and when i it's all resin right or sorry when when phil gave it to me it was almost all just resin and it didn't stand on its own because the resins just not strong enough this this is a puppet in which it's a stopmold puppet in which every joint is pretty much visible but there's hunters to over two hundred parts in this so when i first got it i actually paid one of the machinists from tippett's studio to build parts of the legs so it could stand on its own and that got it about eighty percent there and then over the last couple of weeks i brought in brett fox well a wonderful machinist who also works at tippett he made the armature for the force awakens puppets jeffrey for the just oh yes so brett is wonderful and he spent a couple of weeks in my shop putting more parts indicate this is one of those off camera things that's like going on the back burner and my shop all the we heard it a couple of weeks ago what's that we heard.

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