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There's too many like reunions and reboots these days. I'm so over. i didn't even watch saved. By the bell reboot and saved by the bout defined my childhood. I just can't get into them though. i did. Watch the nine zero two one. Oh one that they did remember. Was that last year. Was that during the pandemic. i don't remember. It was only one season and i was sad. It didn't get renewed. Because i got pretty into it anyway in the heights i love love. Love loved it. I thought it was great. I listened to the soundtrack every single time. I ran on my vacation. That was all. I listen to it. I loved it. It was joyful. I sobbed i laughed. I danced along with them. So hopefully you caught in the heights. I know i believe it went off. Hbo max just this past week. I don't know if it's still in theaters. I'm not being very resourceful but You are smart. You can google it and when i told my friend aaron strout that i was watching scandal right now and suggested to her that i would probably need a pallet cleanser once. I finish the next season because it's really. It is a lot of murder to take in like. I'm unwinding at night with a lot of murder and i don't know if i would say that. That's a good way to unwind. So she was like allie. You need to watch ted lasso. And i know this is nothing. New and people are obsessed with it but She was like horrified. That i haven't watched it yet. Since i love shits creek so much and she says that i will love it so i will be watching ted lasso next if you watched it. Can you watch. Give me all the spoilers..

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