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Everyone dies seemingly except for Ethan. So then he has a run. Ethan president. Everyone. We're rooting for Ethan, Ethan hunt is only one left alive and his team. So he calls like his pals at the IMF and he's like, hey, kindred. Choose a superior of is he's like something's happening and he meets with them and kitsch believes him to be a mole. And he's like, this whole thing was set up as a mole hunt, and it looks like you're the mole, Ethan hunt. These I know I'm not your last name is hunt in everything. Maybe you're doing. We're hunting for to see. You're like, oh, this guy's smart. Yeah, yeah. So eastern Han runs away because he's like, I'm not the mole, but I have to figure out who is now. So Ethan hunt learns about this mall who's collaborating with an arms dealer named max. So he's like, I gotta go find max and like figure out who the mole is, and there's this whole thing where it's like the mole is working with max on this job that they called job three fourteen. And then as actually that the mole goes by the name job and it's a biblical reference and then he's like, okay, and then he distracting from an arrested development stance when they shot a job all the time really. And then even hunt sends an Email to max at job space, three colon fourteen and it that works. Can we talk about the internet in this movie? The internet is the most compelling character in the entire. Has the most charisma out of everybody doing laps around our Tom enter the way the internet works where there's one point where it says like there's a window open that says, internet and then he types in access. And then it says, like thinking I was like, what is this misunderstanding dial up? Like what. It's like one of those old text adventures where it's like, you're in a cave, turn left, and then you look too. But somehow it's hacking the internet, both hackers talk about the internet in like away that it's like, oh, whoever read this movie was just hoping no one would ask follow up because there's the second hacker. I don't know what his name is because he comes in over an hour into the movie, very cool thing to do looser. Just introduced five hundred characters. Our fifteen inch shar. But the second hacker Luther says in the same sentence, he says, like mainframe motherboard hacking access. And then Thomas, like while we've got to figure this out. What are you talking about? I just want you to know that I just sent an Email to max at job space, three colon fourteen, and it did not work than air message came up right away and said, this address is not recognised wipe them out. Yeah, clean, wow. Or psychology got involved. They're like, this is this was Shelly Miscavige as Email on now, do you guys ever when I see is on cruise movie. I give him a little bit of credit for just not wedging Scientology into it all the time, even though he doesn't deserve any, you know, every time I see a movie with him and it ends. I'm like, it didn't come up once about that. Yeah, a little bit proud. There's moments where it's like, oh, he could very easily just break the fourth wall and start pitching us. He's got her attention. He doesn't use this platform to like hawk Scientology, but no, he he keeps a separation of church and career against. Yeah. All right. So the rest of the story is so he is trying to figure out who this mole is named job three fourteen. This is where I get very lost. So he meets with max who turns out as a woman one. How many times are they going to do this twist the Android, Janice name, twist, hilarious, love it. It's so cool. Great. So he meets with max and he's like, by the way max, who's an arms dealer? Yeah, I'm like an undercover spy and I'm gonna get you that list that you wanted..

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