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Inspector general about this he said that the jc estimates were widely considered to be reasonable unquote view dispute that i think they are reasonable hissar i would say saturday i mean once you move into predicting the future right there's a wide range of reasonable estimates that can be made the secretary who i've talked to daily feels very strongly that the economic activity will create enough revenue for the tax bill to pay for itself and i also believe that's within the range of reasonable estimates here's the issue feeling is one thing analysis another would you agree i mean we'd all love to say that whatever we're gonna do is generate by stop at three percent breath went out four or five but the reason you do analysis is to get your best estimate says it's gonna add two trillion dollars to the debt and and you and i give you full credit just said the cbo analysis is a reasonable analysis so what are we supposed to believe so the analysis on the debt may have been made center i've just not aware of it at the treasury department well if it's been made i'm going to ask you to make that available to the congress because i think the american people do whatever work product came out allison of tax bill and so i would ask mr chairman that if there is such an analysis that the committee requested from the administration i have no issue with that obviously they're typically internal documents were internal to the executive branch and always have been but if there's a document that we can get we should well this is just an analysis of the impact of the tax bill and the debt i'm not looking for any kind of work product information and given that the secretary continues to make these statements it'd be interesting to discover what the basis of it is because most people believed that the cbo analysis was reasonable one so i would ask you to that i appreciate that mr chairman and thank you for the last question i have did you do distributional analysis at the department treasury.

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