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Using strategy suited to your goals and may require by multiple annuities and holding them full term. Thiss is the flagship of Giants and KNBR San Francisco, please s'mores lier. Now the batting order we will begin with batting in that leadoff spot. KNBR getting lead on lead on lead off the leadoff spot, leaving live from a KNBR studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino with your host Adam Copeland on KNBR 1045 and 6 80, FT sports leader. And that's how this game started. Swinging. That ball is gone. That is headed for Berkeley. Way back into the Wow. What a shot by Wilmer Flores. There's a high drive into deep right field going back is your strength makes the catch in the ball game is over. The final store giants over the D'backs six to swing a ground ball to Crawford. The throw to first and the ballgame is over and the game of his life. Lord Tyler Anderson, his first major league complete game swings, and it's a high fly ball deep into center Martin Racing back at the warning track near the wall, he leaps and good bye. Like your strength he gives himself at the Giants a birthday present a homerun Dickerson last one down the right field line. This one is on its way, and it is gone. Dickerson is third on run of the year swinging. There's a fly ball into right extreme ski on his birthday is waiting for it. He's got it and a giantsvictory. There's six in a row. Should do it. Well, that was the sounds of Ah fun.

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