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Very latest information we have on this severe thunderstorm warning first a little radar depiction here of what this storm is covering how fast it's moving in what it contains and I'm going to go to the Hey all of this display as well just second here but it looks like the hail is near the community of Briar which is right close to the northwest extreme corner of the terror county not far from eagle mountain lake now back to the main radar picture yeah well it is just a large cluster of thunderstorms it's from south of Decatur cross new Fairview now moving down into Sansom park Texas motor speedway has let those areas so it's really already on top of a Saginaw and it's moving to the southeast at about thirty miles per hour the radar indication is rather large hail and we've seen and we've had some reports now of hail up to half dollar size would you be intentional quarter and that would especially affect you in northwestern Tarrant county again this storm is just now on pretty much the worst of it on top eagle mountain lake but extends back in wise county is moving southeast at about thirty miles per hour pretty good hail core it's going to move across Saginaw Midland hills and probably just north of the downtown fort worth area in the northeastern Tarrant county will keep you advised as the storm continues to track in the fort worth live from the W. B. A. P. weather center meteorologist Brad Barton America save big amounts of money David from California say forty eight thousand.

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