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Brush your teeth three times a day does that take care of it is even things back up. Well, I mean, yeah, but I mean, it depends upon you know, we're all differently, all different levels of community. So, um, yeah, There are people out there who brush frequently, but they still have problems and they need to see their dentist. There's You know, the devil cleaning is when you brush your chief, you could get down. Maybe a couple millimeters into a pocket. But what dental cleaning they get way down deep into these pockets actually break up The biofilm. A biofilm was a collection of Maybe different bacteria, and they make this this goo over themselves to protect themselves and just regular scraping type stuff doesn't get to him. We've got to do like an ultrasound therapy deep in the periodontal pockets, break up that by a film, and then after we've got all the bugs out of there, then it's when it's really important to start that. World care probiotic that we talked about that probe I or a plus? Because that's gonna make put new back good back here in your mouth, So the bad stuff can't grow back. What's better, like a regular toothbrush, electric toothbrush, a outboard motor toothbrush with a gasoline engine to stroke or, like a water pick the outboard motor. But actually, actually, my wife's recommends the the ultrasonic type electric toothbrush all our patients because it It's not just the brushing action. But it sets up the ultrasound into the down deeper deeper into the pockets and helps break up some of that biofilm that the bacteria like a bronze, or Phillips or someone with the little round headed goes around and vibrates. That I got when I've had one of those fears. I love it. It's in its own American. It's a lot less work, you know, get if I got a machine to brush my teeth for me, I'm down. It's like George Jetson, right? Exactly what I get the and I go to my doctor twice a year. I got my dentist, right? Have my my check up. Everything's fine. He gets mad at me says I'm gonna money off of you on D gives me it's like, OK. Do you want the toothbrush? I don't want the toothbrush. Yes, they voiced the toothbrush on me. What's with the toothbrush? Foisting. I was like, I've got an electric toothbrush at home. I don't need the manual toothbrush. It's like, why would you are you pushing on that need is a way for you to get more business. How does that work Because it's a crappy toothbrush. Uh, yeah, We actually don't give those two brushes out anymore. Just because we encourage our patients to use the sonic care The Phillips, right? My wife has one. We have the same toothbrush, right? We've got like a two pack of Costco. And every time she goes, she gets the damn free toothbrush. What do you need this for it so well, it's free. It's like, just quit being stupid. Don't don't take the free toothbrush. You got it. We got all these toothbrushes We don't use in our house. You need a toothbrush, Doctor. All solemn back to your whack it up with you. Yeah, it got Dennis. Name out If you remember who you're supposed to be. Oh, well, yeah, I don't mind it, Dennis. But some people are afraid of the dentist too. That's another factor, right? It's like a e mean I don't get that myself. Maybe because I've never had No dental disease before, so I've had at the drill and all that nonsense, but I get why people are afraid but man you're talking about, you know, possibly having a heart attack or stroke here..

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