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And i hope everyone does you write that twenty nine percent of all line of duty deaths of police officers nationally occur on mental illness related calls which is a staggering number to me and i had no idea that was the case but it sounds like dj and we're talk doc with dj jaffe it sounds like if we did a better job tackling the mental health aspect of the of society and did a better job treating the seriously mentally ill even if that meant compulsory treatment we'd have fewer dead cops absolutely and i have an oped today in national review i've everett many from an institute which is doing a terrific job on this saying that police have to start standing up to the mental health officials if i go to a mental health conference they and ask what's needed they talk about stigma and public education and peer support and solutions that are irrelevant to helping the most seriously mentally ill when i go to a police conference i say well we need more hospital beds we gotta make it easier to get in we have to change civil commitment and we have to ensure that people are treated when they get out and they need housing the police have a much better handle on how to reduce violence arrest homelessness incarceration suicide then mental health experts so my op ed in today's national review says police should start standing up to mental health officials rather than being the whipping boy would i guess to this that governors mayors.

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