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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. President Trump's former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen admits that he lied to congress as NPR's Ryan Lucas reports Coen's guilty plea involves his testimony regarding the extent of two thousand sixteen negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow Cohen told congress that negotiations to build a Trump Tower in the Russian capital ended in January twenty sixteen. He now says that's not true those negotiations. He says continued through at least June of two thousand sixteen that means the Trump Tower talks were taking place well into the twentieth. Sixteen presidential race. And at the same time as Russia was conducting a hacking and social media disinformation campaign to try to help Trump win the election. Cohen discuss the Moscow proposal with Donald Trump on more than three occasions court papers say Cohen lied about the Moscow project to minimize links between the project and Trump and to try to limit the ongoing Russian investigation. Ryan lucas. NPR news Washington attorneys, challenging the appointment of acting attorney general Matthew accused President Trump of creating a constitutional crisis. As NPR's Nina totenberg reports they're asking the court to substitute deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, as the acting AG in cases, pending before the court in language, rare for supreme court submissions. The brief opens with these scorching words, we are in a constitutional crisis. The president has gone well beyond disheartening tweets. This is a power grab the framers saw Donald Trump coming almost two hundred and fifty years ago when they wrote the appointments clause into the constitution. No president in history has ever taken the position that President Trump has that he may evade advice and consent by the Senate and force out a principal officer like a cabinet official and substitute a handpicked non Senate confirmed choice to serve while at the same time disavowing. Any intention to nominate a permanent successor as attorney general, Nina totenberg, NPR news, Washington. The State Department is accusing Iran of violating UN ban on arms exports by sending rockets and other weapons to rebels and other Middle Eastern countries. US special envoy Bryant hooked claims Tehran has exploited the nuclear agreement with the US to further its efforts to destabilize the region, Iran. Nuclear deal has had the I think for those who go she added it the unintended effect of giving a Ron cover to expand its revolutionary activities in that she a corridor of control that they're trying to establish. The Pentagon has displaced displayed pieces of what it says were Iranian weapons deployed to Yemen and Afghanistan much of an handed over by Saudi Arabia. The display comes concerned about the US military support for the Saudi led coalition in Yemen. Civil war on Wall Street stocks close lower. The Dow Jones industrials lost twenty. Seven points. This is NPR. Pharmaceutical giant bear Agee's says it's cutting twelve thousand jobs worldwide, but mostly in Germany where it's based the company says it's trying to reduce costs. And we'll work out the details in the coming months, there acquired seed maker and weed killer Monsanto earlier this year. The chairman of the California Democratic party is resigning after Allah Gatien's of sexual misconduct, Scott shape, or reports from member station K Q, E D. Eric Baumann was narrowly elected chair of the Democratic Party last year, and a very bitter campaign that left the party divided in recent days democratic staffers and activists men and women many of them young have accused Bauman of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior is the first openly gay party chair in California. And after the allegations surfaced this week he said he would take a leave of absence while he sought treatment for alcohol abuse, but the chorus of calls for his resignation quickly grew and included. Governor elect Gavin Newsom the resignation comes after California Democrats scored historic victories in the midterm elections. For NPR news. I'm Scott Shafer in San Francisco. A Mississippi county is asking the supreme court to weigh in on a case in Jackson. Where federal judge has a woman is due compensation for being jailed for over three months without a hearing. The court says Jessica Georgia's constitutional rights were violated after two thousand twelve arrests on traffic charges. She said a March hearing for determining damages. Choctaw county officials say Josh wasn't entitled to appear before a judge because she was also indicted on a felony drug charge, which was dropped after a video showed no evidence of a crime. This is NPR news..

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