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Yeah and i think that they could tell it was doing something but again this identity question of how much is me how much is the drug and how much is it really helping it seems like the study that's talked about in the film and which study was that this is dr martha farah study you pen it was done in the two thousands and what's amazing is that one of the effects of adderall which is an phetamine mixed amphetamine is that it makes you feel like you are doing better but the idea that these are smart pills or that their cognitive enhancers is a little bit misguided come away with this film with kind of mixed feelings on the one hand a lot of people don't like to think that they need something that they need a drug to ace attest or finish a work project on the other it isn't clear what long term harm these pills due to most people you know unless you have a serious medical condition they're rarely deadly unlike things like opioids what harm do you see here i think the harm that is maybe most urgent that applies to the most people is what the film focuses on which is a little bit more of the identity questions of what is lost if we are all in an adderall world what does it mean to feel like you need it to succeed from my reporting that seems like the most widespread applicable sort of risk and and question that needed to be discussed more in the open director alison klayman her new documentary take your pills his out tomorrow on netflix thank you.

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